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Asian Semi-longhair


The Asian Semi-longhair is a medium-size domestic cat breed that originated from the United Kingdom. It is also known as Tiffany and Tiffanie and typically weighs 8 - 15 pounds for a male, 7 - 13 pounds for a female. This cat breed has a long-length coat that will have moderate shedding and require regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition.

Common Health Conditions

  • Hypokalaemic polymyopathy is a condition which leads to muscle weakness in the cat as well as muscle pain; the cause is due to low potassium in the cats blood. Often these symptoms can be periodic. Causes of this condition can range from a poor diet to chronic kidney disease.
  • This breed is considered highly sensitive compared to other breeds and is likely at a higher risk for contracting common diseases in cats, such as calicivirus (FCV) which is a common respiratory infection.
  • Diabetes in cats can occur occurs when the cats insulin response are no longer functioning normally to balance the blood sugar or glucose levels of the cat.
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