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Overview of Chartreux

Often confused with the British Shorthair, the Chartreux is one of France's oldest and most beloved natural breeds. The breed's representations date back to 1747 when French master Jean Baptiste Perronneau painted one of these silver beauties in his portrait of Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange. The origins of the breed are shrouded in mystery. However, there is a legend that Chartreux cats lived as companions of the Carthusian monks of France, and their quiet demeanor is due to their vow of silence with the monks! Some have speculated that blue cats originated in Syria, and were brought to French monasteries by returning crusaders in the 13th century, many of whom became members of the Carthusian monastic order. These cats are also well-loved across the pond in Eastern Canada where Ste-Cat - the official mascot for the Montreal Jazz Festival is a Chartreux! Their double coats are almost weather resistant and require weekly brushing to stay ahead of mats and tangles. Chartreux kittens only come in the color blue-gray, much like their cousins the Korat and the Russian Blue. If you have your heart set on one of these beauties, it may be tough to track down a reputable breeder in North America because they are rare, even in France!

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Chartreux

Luxating Patella:

Is a common Chartreux health issue that is inherited and can affect mobility. It is a condition in which the patella (kneecap) dislocates or moves out of its normal location and may develop into arthritis.

Recommendations for Luxating Patella in Chartreux Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Chartreux

Renal Failure:

Is when a cat’s kidneys begin to lose function, this can happen with age due to trauma, infection or perhaps the accidental ingestion of toxins. Early detection can greatly improve quality of life and symptom management.

Recommendations for Renal Failure in Chartreux Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Chartreux

IBD and Diarrhea:

Food sensitivities are common in cats and the Chartreux are no different! Drastic dietary changes can result in diarrhea, inflammation of the bowels and decreased absorption of the nutrients. IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) is a common issue related to food allergies.

Recommendations for IBD and Diarrhea in Chartreux Cats:



The Chartreux is highly intelligent and will often take in a whole situation before responding. Don't be surprised if they have figured out how to push buttons and open latches! Chartreux cats are loyal and very affectionate but independent. They don't do well if left alone so they are happiest with their family - they’re great with children and other pets! A Chartreux kitten tends to stay quiet and makes very little noise in general. So if you want a rare kitty with a sparkling silver coat, good hunting instinct, and the desire to follow you around, get a Chartreux!

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