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Natural Remedies for Birds

Pet birds are more complicated than most average pet owners think. All sorts of conditions can lead to health problems like obesity, liver disorders, and reproductive issues. Supporting your bird with supplements and natural bird remedies can help ensure proper nutritional balance and promote their good overall health.

How Natural Remedies Can Support Birds

NHV natural remedies for birds can offer relief from respiratory issues, remove toxins, fortify the liver, calm anxiety and aggression, and expel parasites. Multivitamin support can aid in digestion and boost their energy levels. NHV pet products are completely natural and safe to use alongside any vet-recommended treatments.

Health Conditions that Affect Birds

Listed below are common conditions that can affect birds. When health conditions are left unchecked for long periods, they can progress from something simple to something serious and life-threatening. When you notice changes in your pet’s behavior, consult your veterinarian.

  • Anxiety - Can cause aggressive behavior in birds.
  • Egg Binding - A common condition in which eggs become stuck in the reproductive tract.
  • Parrot Fever - A condition in which birds may exhibit signs of sneezing, difficulty breathing, decreased ability to fly, and tail bobbing.
  • Parasites - Tiny creatures, like mites and worms, that feed off of your pet.
  • Reproductive Problems - Common issues that may involve the egg not forming correctly.
  • Respiratory Infections - The airways become inflamed and infected.
  • Tumors - Lumps that are often cancerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my female bird has egg binding?

Egg binding can quickly become life-threatening. Signs include tail bobbing, swollen abdomen, fluffed appearance, difficulty breathing, inability to balance on their perch, and lameness.

How do I know if my bird’s diet is lacking in nutrition?

Signs of a poor diet in pet birds can include feather plucking, fatigue, and skin problems.

Can I contract Parrot Fever from my pet bird?

Yes. Parrot Fever can be spread from birds to humans through touch. Keep your bird’s cage clean to help avoid this disease.

Additional Support

It can be difficult for pet bird owners to detect health issues in their feathery friends. Supporting them with natural bird remedies and supplements can help keep them healthy with proper nutrition, by preventing disease and infection, and calming aggressive behaviors.

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