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Overview of Beagle

The Beagle is one of the most beloved dogs out there! They make friends everywhere they goand are often revered for their beauty, brains and compact size. They could be super popular because of their famous ambassador, Snoopy! Yep - he's a Beagle through and through. The word "beagle" is thought to have come from an old French term meaning ‘an open throat’ - a possible connection to the dog's loud voice. Being extremely vocal, Beagles constantly want to tell you what's on their mind. They can make three kinds of unique vocalizations: a classic bark to alert their humans, their baying voice for trailing and a howl to express boredom, sadness and sometimes delight! First developed as a pack hunter, the Beagle's sturdy build (20-30 lbs) has made them exceptional at keeping their noses low to the ground, and their pace is slow enough that their human hunters can follow along on foot without requiring larger dogs or horses. Their baying bark means that their humans can hear them at a distance and continue to follow. These days, many Beagles are melting our hearts all over the world; however, they are still the top dog in the field!

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Beagle

Glaucoma in Dogs:

Is an eye condition in which too much pressure builds up in the eye, causing insufficient drainage of fluid. If the condition is left untreated, it will eventually cause permanent optic nerve damage, resulting in blindness. Swelling in the eye can be a result of a previous eye injury, infection or loose debris.

Recommendations for Glaucoma in Dogs in Beagle Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Beagle

Luxating Patella in Dogs:

Is a condition that can be characterized by a loose kneecap (patella) that sometimes slips out of its normal location. This is a common health issue in smaller breeds like the Beagles and may cause arthritis later on.

Recommendations for Luxating Patella in Dogs in Beagle Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Beagle

Hypothyroidism in dogs:

Occurs when a doggo’s thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to regulate healthy metabolism. Symptoms may include low energy, weight gain, and skin/coat issues.

Recommendations for Hypothyroidism in dogs in Beagle Dogs:



Beagles are delightful, brave, and intelligent dogs that are good with children as long as you start early with training and socialization. Beagle pet parents are advised to keep their pets on a leash during walks to prevent them from running off and trailing scents or chasing game. Beagle dogs can be stubborn but they respond well to positive reinforcement. They’re also extremely food motivated. They may not be the best apartment dog because they are very vocal and loud so your neighbors may not appreciate their baying voice going off at all hours of the day! Beagles get dirtier than your average hound because they are quite low to the ground and go wherever a scent takes them (sometimes that means into thick brush and mud patches). If you are looking for a loyal companion with soft eyes, an expressive voice and a nose that won't quit, a Beagle might be the pooch for you!

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