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Natural Remedies for Cats

Our furry felines are family members, so when they get sick, we need to help them “pounce” back to health. Cats can develop many of the same types of illnesses that humans do and can get them at any age. We can support them as they heal naturally with a wide range of holistic, natural vet-formulated and approved remedies.

Some of the ailments cats can experience include feline cancer, hyperthyroidism, respiratory illness, and renal failure. The natural remedies for cats formulated by NHV can help balance their immunity to better recover from their illness.

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Shop by Condition or Ailment

When you filter by symptom or condition, you can search for whatever is ailing your feline family member to find the best natural remedy your cat can take for that specific condition.

Reach out to our caring team of veterinary professionals to help you with any question you may have about a condition or about the natural remedy choices for your cat.

Shop for Wellness Bundles

Wellness bundles have everything you need in one package to help support cats recovering from health problems. These kits include natural supplements to take together for the most comprehensive support. All NHV pet remedies are vet formulated, 100% natural, and safe to use in conjunction with vet prescribed medication. All Wellness kits for cats and single pet remedies contain vital information including:

  • Dosage
  • How to administer
  • How to store the natural supplements (refrigerate after opening)
  • How to use for the best results
  • The cautions and contraindications

Start Here

With NHV natural pet products, we provide complete natural support as well as a wide range of holistic, 100% natural vet-formulated and approved natural remedies for cats. Start by finding your cat’s condition, or look for remedies by breed to find the best support for them.

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