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Clumber Spaniel


The Clumber Spaniel originated in France as a flushing and retrieving spaniel. Clumber Spaniels are an excellent breed for first-time dog owners. Characterized by their low-slung body and flowing white coat, they are generally an easy breed to care for and are only moderately stubborn. They have a sweet temperament, and their intelligence makes them a wonderful companion. They require 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily, broken up into two or three short walks or a single walk.


Common Health Conditions

  • Clumber Spaniels can be prone to back problems due to their low, long body shape. IVDD occurs when a disc in the spine ruptures or herniates and pushes upward into the spinal cord. 
  • It is very important to maintain your Clumber Spaniel at a healthy weight to avoid stress on his joints. The breed has a high incidence of hip dysplasia and can become obese very easily.
  • Most dogs love to run and play outside. Many would fetch the ball for you for hours on end if given the chance. Often, they’re having so much fun, they don’t realize they could be damaging their paws.



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