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Supplements for Parasites in Pet Sheep and Goats

Holistic Parasite Support for Pet Sheep and Goats

All animals are susceptible to worms and parasites including pet sheep and goats! In fact, our ovine and caprine friends are especially prone to stomach, lung and intestinal worms. Since the liver, kidneys and GI tract are essential for eliminating toxins from the body and managing healthy bathroom habits - adding gentle, natural supports can help your pet bounce back without causing more harm. NHV’s all-natural supplements for helping with parasites in sheep and goats may support the gentle elimination of parasites, regenerative and preventative support as well as support for a healthy gut.

How NHV Remedies Help Eliminate Parasites in Pet Sheep and Goats

Fuzzy lambs, ewes, bucks and energetic billy goats that live outside are especially vulnerable to worms so to rid your pet of them, your vet may prescribe an oral deworming agent. For a natural approach, we recommend NHV's Inulin-PK, which contains a blend of herbal ingredients that encourage the gentle elimination of internal parasites and combat infection. Most worms are parasitic by nature, and the toxins left behind can exhaust the liver and kidneys (which are trying to get rid of the toxin buildup and replenish nutrients in the body). Herbs like Milk Thistle are very beneficial for liver and kidney support as well as encourage tissue repair. Injury or infection in the GI tract may cause secondary conditions like scours (the livestock term for diarrhea). Plantaeris is a natural diarrhea remedy that works quickly and gently to help restore bowel health. Herbs like thyme encourage movement through the intestines by relaxing muscle spasms, helping to expel gas and increasing the body’s resistance to foreign organisms. The immunostimulatory properties in Plantaeris strengthen the body's ability to fight infection, and ingredients like chamomile soothe and heal the digestive tract.

Eliminate Parasites in Sheep or Goats with Inulin-PK

For a natural solution to worms, Inulin-PK is our main recommendation. Inulin-PK, NHV’s parasite support in sheep and goats contains natural effective ingredients like:

  • Bacopa—Promotes GI health, has anti-parasitic properties and reduces inflammation
  • Celandine—Helps improve bile production and can relieve muscle spasms in the GI tract
  • Elecampane—Effective against parasitic worms and promotes good gut bacteria
  • Fennel—May relieve digestive issues like spasms, excessive gas and cramping
  • Jamaica Quassia—Beneficial aid for increasing bile production (to help expel parasites)
  • Milk Thistle—Protects the liver and kidneys and may stimulate cell regeneration
  • Oregon Grape—Contains antimicrobial properties that help combat various infections
  • Papaya—Papain enzyme is beneficial for dissolving the worm’s outer defences
  • Wormwood—Has been used for centuries to expel worms and parasites from the body

Natural Support for your Ovine and Caprine Friends

NHV helps your pet sheep or goat through the deworming process with the natural support their body needs to get on top of symptoms and fight infection. Supplements like Inulin-PK, and Plantaeris are safe for long-term use, and all of our natural care products are plant-based and formulated by a holistic veterinarian and master herbalist with 50+ years of experience. We are always here to help! Get in touch with an NHV pet expert if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s unique needs.

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