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Reagan the Pup Fighting Lymphoma


"Our 6 year old border collie was diagnosed with lymphoma on April 1, 2019. I was completely devastated by this news and broke down at the vet’s office. I couldn’t believe there is no cure for this. My husband and I decided to not put her through chemo and I came across NHV and ordered the supplements that day. They arrived within a few short days and we started Reagan on the Lymphoma Gold regimen. I also started her on (other herbal product) as well and we added the turmeric on the second order. She has been feeling better since starting the NHV products and I give them to her twice a day and I am faithful with it. I put it in plain yogurt and she eats it right up. I’m trying to not get my hopes up but I know without a doubt that these products have helped our Reagan. I’m getting ready to place another order. I’m not one to write reviews but I this is so very important and if it will help one dog and their family, I wanted to encourage you to try these products. Thank you so much for these wonderful supplements." - LaRee

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