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For Cats

Plantaeris for cats

Natural relief to help your cat's diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Works quickly and gently
  • Helps maintain normal bowel function
  • All natural, vet-approved ingredients
  • Helps sooth and relieve spasms of the digestive tract
  • Reduces pain and discomfort

1 bottle = 3.4oz (100ml)

1 bottle = 100 day supply for a cat.

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Reduce intestinal upset and cat diarrhea with Plantaeris, a fast-acting, gentle herbal extract that will help your pet feel better in no time. Plantaeris is designed to reduce symptoms of diarrhea and has a pleasing taste most cats enjoy. Diarrhea is a symptom of digestive disorder. In cats it can be caused by inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, or parasites such as Giardia. Treat your cat with Plantaeris and ensure they have plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.


To be taken twice daily. Determine your pet’s weight and then use the easy chart below to determine the correct dose. This is the minimum dosage.


Pet's Weight Dosage

0 - 15 lb = 0.5 ml

16 - 30 lb = 1.0 ml

31 - 45 lb = 1.5 ml

46 - 60 lb = 2.0 ml

61 - 75 lb = 2.5 ml

Over 75 lb = 3.0 ml

For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop for every 2 lb of body weight. 


How to Administer
Shake well before use. The easiest method is to use the dropper provide and places the drops into your pet’s food or favorite treat. You can also use the dropper and squirt directly into the pet’s mouth.

Some pets can be finicky, if this occurs consider hiding the drops in foods most pet’s love such as fish, chicken or yogurt or a favourite treat. If your pet only eats dry food then soak a few kibbles at feeding time.

For Best Results
Herbal dietary supplements are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your pet and are safe for long-term use. Every pet responds to natural herbal supplements differently, therefore it is important to be consistent and administer the product daily. Supplements generally take two to four weeks to take effect, however this will vary from one animal to the next.

Product Storage
All NHV Natural Pet Products are pure herbal extracts and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.

Cautions and Contraindications
Do not use Plantaeris in pregnant or nursing animals. Speak to your vet before using our products. A second visit is recommended if your pet’s condition does not improve, or deteriorates after continued use of the supplements.

All information provided by NHV Natural Pet Products is for educational purposes only.

Barberry – Treats inflammation and infections of the urinary tract.

Mullein – Soothes and lubricates tissues.

Bayberry – Contains tannins, resins, and gums that control bacterial infection.

Myrrh – Relieves spasms, inflammation, and digestive discomfort.

Thyme – Improves digestion and relaxes spasms.

Chamomile – Relaxes the digestive system.

Chinese Peony – Reduces inflammation and relaxes spasms.

Ginger – Relieves pain and stimulates circulation.

Oregon Grape – Helps relieve indigestion and malabsorption.


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Average Rating

Vicki - Wisconsin | January 2, 2018

I have been using several of the NHV Products and have seen first hand how truly remarkable they are. Most recently I used Tripsy for a cat with elevated Kidney levels. The vet wanted me on a kidney diet, & the normal kidney prognosis was given. I started him on Tripsy and within two months his kidney values were back in the normal range. Many years ago I had a cat with constant soft stools and diarrhea. I used the Plantaeris and that helped fix things. I recently found out through testing and x-rays that he had most likely had Pancreatitis at some point that he recovered from. I now wonder if my use of the Plantaeris had been what helped him through the Pancreatitis, there is no other explanation since we didn't even know he had it. NHV products will always be in my pet medicine chest and one of the tools in my arsenal to keep my pets healthy for a long life. *

Was this review helpful?

Jumiah | August 11, 2017

I had given my cats Plantaeris when they have digestive problems. My cat Akira had to undergo Triple Therapy for her stomach and the vet gave us some probiotics. Since he warned me that she could have loose stools after her endoscopy, I had bought Plantaeris as soon as possible. Sure enough, she had diarrhea for one or two days. I gave her the Plantaeris and after two or three days, her stools became firmer. Since the probiotics would have interfered with the absorption of the 3 antibiotics that she had to take for 2 weeks, I thought her best option was for the Plataeris. So now, whenever any of my other cats has digestive problems, this is my remedy. It has worked fine for all of them. *

Was this review helpful?

Misha's Miracle Healimg, - San Diego, CA | January 30, 2017

My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with IBD and was had chronic diarrhea. She had stopped using the litterbox and having accidents all over the floor several times daily. I reluctantly agreed to put her on [**pharmaceutical name removed] which helped her condition. I added the Inflammatory bowel comfort kit, giving 4 drops of inulin and plantereas twice daily in her wet food. After 6 months her diarrhea is gone and I almost have her completely weaned off the [**pharmaceutical name removed]! The product was a miralcle healer for my Misha! *

Was this review helpful?

Kitty Mom - Oregon | January 12, 2017

So far I have seen an improvement in my 20 year old cat's chronic diarrhea. Since it had been going on for some time it has taken about 2 weeks, but there is definitely improvement! I had tried a lot of different things, slippery elm, pumpkin, marshmallow root, probiotics etc. Now finally things are beginning to firm up! *

Was this review helpful?

Manon Hétu - Repentigny | January 4, 2017

We use this product each time one of our cats has a diarrhea. It's work. When we change the brand of a dry cat food for example, we use this product as a preventive measures. Sometimes when a cat eat something new, he could have a diarrhea for a few days.With Plantaeris take car of it quickly in my case. *

Was this review helpful?

GV | December 23, 2016

Works great. Helped my mom's cat. *

Was this review helpful?

Eileen - USA | December 16, 2016

Just wanted to say I have been using your products on my cat for 2 months consistently and aggressively. The vet said he either has cancer or IBD but couldn't tell without doing a $3000 procedure. You're consultant was amazing on the phone. My cat had a vomiting problem and stopped eating nearly completely. I cried a lot because I lost my cat Oceana a week prior to him getting so sick. (I wish I would've use your stuff instead of vitality science which takes too long when) It's been two months and he has started gaining weight back. I'm transitioning him into homemade raw cat food. He's playing a little now and is able to jump on his cat tree. I was scared of losing 2 cats. 1st on my birthday in September and this cat Luis I thought he wasn't going to make it through the holidays but my faith has gone from 1% belief to 90%. If I was at your office I would kiss every one of you! Lol hoping for continued results-Eileen *

Was this review helpful?

writnkitten - Sacramento, CA | August 13, 2016

My 14+ year old orange tabby Flynn has various issues/ailments, and his last visit to the vet really did a number on him. We couldn't get his bowels back under control--constant diarrhea and vomiting. I was searching online and found NHV (and this product), and while it didn't completely cure his diarrhea (because he's also hyperthyroid), it DID help tremendously. In fact, he's on several of your products currently, even though he's technically on hospice. He's already outlived our expectations, and I think your products have given us and him the gift of time. Wish I had found them sooner, but in this case it really is better late than never. Thank you. *

Was this review helpful?

K Fillingim - Mobile, AL | August 26, 2015

Thanks so much for your support and assistance! Jilly is my old, sick, pooping kitty. She is still having loose stools, but the overall improvement is shocking frankly. In just over a week since the ES-clear and Plantaris, her appetite is huge, she is going in the box, very obviously gaining weight, grooming more, getting up and about, and more. I am so pleased. Having her healthier and so clearly happier is a huge stress relief to me! I'm sending a photo of her bumming out in the hall taking a bath. I can't remember the last time I saw her do this! *

Was this review helpful?

Gloria Walker - Acworth, GA | June 1, 2015

My order was received today, 1 June 2015. I've given my cat the suggested amount. I can hardly wait for the results!! I sure hope this stops her diarrhea she has had for months!!! :o) *

Was this review helpful?

E Bowen - Elgin, SC | April 30, 2015

My 15 year old domestic short hair cat had diarrhea on and off for almost 6 months. I have taken him to the vet for various lab testing, tried different natural foods, other herbal remedies, with no success. I applied the dosage per the directions mixed with his regular dry food, and the Plantaeris resolved his digestion problems within 2 days. It's been three weeks and no signs of the diarrhea returning. *

Was this review helpful?

Tony - New Jersey | April 23, 2015

After close to 1 year and approximately $800 in vet bills, our beloved cat Tony finally had a hard stool after ONE, yes one dosage of Plantaeris. Thank God my wife stumbled upon your website. This was a miracle cure for our cat! *

Was this review helpful?

Coco - Glendale, AZ | December 8, 2014

My husband choose to take our cat to the vet again to get antibiotics which we tried before and did mot work. Our cat has had diarreha since the day we got her and had been dealing with it for 6 months. The first week after we give her Plantaeris my life changed!! No more cleaning up. We give it to her once a day and she has been wonderful!!!! Great Stuff!! *

Was this review helpful?

Kennedy - Gerogia | December 8, 2014

This product is heaven sent! My boy cat had diarrhea for 4 weeks and the medicine the vet gave him did not work. I was very worried about him so I decided to search online to find out if anyone else had a cat with this issue and what they did to help cure the problem. That's when I stumbled 
across the Plantaeris web site. I was willing to give this product a try especially since the ingredients are all natural and have no side effects. I'm glad I did. After 1 week of giving my cat Plantaeris orally 2x a day (0.5ml -he's a 16 lb cat) he no longer has diarrhea. :) *

Was this review helpful?

Harold - TN | December 8, 2014

My cat had chronic diarrhea for over 3 years, but is over it now. I now combine a small dosage of OTC diarrhea medicine (at her vet's recommendation) with the Plaentaris 2x a day in her high quality/high protein food. She gobbles it up with no problem.
 Excellent product! *

Was this review helpful?

Taylor - Wisconsin | December 8, 2014

Our beautiful Maine Coon Kitten arrived to us with chronic diarrhea. Cow pies and more galore! We had all the tests done, showing no medical reasons for his condition. He was given several different anti-biotics and started [**pharmaceutical name removed] (steroids), this went on for about 2 months when I decided to give Plantaeris a shot. It is the best thing I ever did. Within 4 days his stool was NORMAL! He's been on Plantaeris for almost a month and has not had a relaps at all. I am so grateful to have found Plantaeris. If they ever stopped making it I don't know what I would do. *

Was this review helpful?

C Kingsbury - Westport , MA | July 1, 2014

Plantaeris works quickly! My cat was having a diarrhea problem and our vet gave us 2 or 3 different products to try and none of them worked. We tried Plantaeris and it helped within 2 days! *

Was this review helpful?

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