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For Cats

Petomega 3 for cats

A daily supplement to enhance the overall health and well- being of your pet.

  • Supports cardiac health
  • Improves skin and coat condition
  • Supports joints
  • Beneficial for kidneys
  • Aids as a cancer support
  • Supports the immune system

1 bottle = 8oz (237ml)  

3 month supply for a small to medium size pet.

Petomega 3 for Dogs 

Not Available in Canada

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Support your cat’s health with NHV Petomega 3 fish oil.   Our Omega 3 fish oil is a great source of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid 600mg) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid 460mg) essential fatty acids.   This fish oil is derived from sardines, anchovies and North Atlantic cod liver oil. It is molecularly distilled and cold pressed  to improve the bio-availability of the omega 3 fatty acids, and is medical and human grade quality. 

Processed pet foods have increased omega -6 fatty acids, and decreased omega-3 fatty acids. The University of Maryland Medical Center states, "It is very important to maintain a balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the diet. A proper balance helps maintain and even improve health." Your cat’s body cannot easily make essential fatty acids; it is vital to provide it as an added supplement to your pet’s daily diet. 

Omega 3 fish oils may me beneficial for the following:

  • Support skin and coat condition
  • Support the immune system
  • Joint support and comfort
  • Eye health support
  • Renal and kidney support
  • Promotes healthy heat function
  • Recommended by vets for cancer support
  • Supports healthy cell growth 

Available in the US only

Suggested Dosage: To be taken once per day. Add to food based on weight chart.

Therapeutic Dosage: Double the quantity for maximum period of 4 weeks or follow veterinarian advise.

Pet’s Weight Dosage

0-15 lb = ¼ tsp

15-30 lb = ½ tsp

30-60 lb  = 1 tsp

60-90 lb  = 1 ½ tsp

How to Administer: Shake well before use. The easiest method is to add the dosage to your pets food. Some pets can be finicky, if this occurs consider hiding the appropriate amount in food most pet’s love such as fish, chicken, yogurt, or a favorite treat. If your pet only eats dry food then soak kibbles at feeding time.

For Best Results

Dietary supplements are beneficial to the health and well-being of your pet and are safe for long-term use. Every pet responds to natural supplements differently, therefore it is important to be consistent and administer the product daily. Supplements generally take two to four weeks to take effect, however this will vary from one animal to the next.

Product Storage

All NHV Natural Pet Products contain no artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.

Cautions and Contraindications

Avoid During Pregnancy.

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Average Rating

Linda - Philadelphia | August 28, 2017

I have been using NHV formulas for a number of years now for my cat and they have been a wonderful help (Tripsy, Multi Essentials, etc.). I recently added NHV PetOmega3. There is a noticeable improvement in her coat and it also has helped a stiffness in her aging joints! I know that Omegas can be very helpful in many other areas as well (digestion, etc.) for overall health. I highly recommend this product. Thank you, NHV. *

Was this review helpful?

Eilleen | December 16, 2016

Just wanted to say I have been using your products on my cat for 2 months consistently and aggressively. The vet said he either has cancer or IBD but couldn't tell without doing a $3000 procedure. You're consultant was amazing on the phone. My cat had a vomiting problem and stopped eating nearly completely. I cried a lot because I lost my cat Oceana a week prior to him getting so sick. (I wish I would've use your stuff instead of vitality science which takes too long when) It's been two months and he has started gaining weight back. I'm transitioning him into homemade raw cat food. He's playing a little now and is able to jump on his cat tree. I was scared of losing 2 cats. 1st on my birthday in September and this cat Luis I thought he wasn't going to make it through the holidays but my faith has gone from 1% belief to 90%. If I was at your office I would kiss every one of you! Lol hoping for continued results-Eileen *

Was this review helpful?

Claudia - Irvine, CA | July 27, 2016

Ajia was diagnosed in May with Small Cell Lymphoma, quite distressful, her kidneys showed weakening and vets were concerned about her liver. She also was vomiting profusely and losing weight (5.5?lbs). She was also Hyperthyroid. The pet hospital prescribed [**pharmaceutical name removed]l (a chemo drug) for the lymphoma, of which we were very leary, given the side effects. They also prescribed [**pharmaceutical name removed] for the vomiting, a steroid. I immediately started my own research and discovered NHV herbal supplements and the benefits and support they could deliver for her condition. I ordered the Cancer Fighter Pack (of which she is taking full therapeutic dosages) along with Resthyro (1/2 therapeutic dosages). After a 2nd vet opinion, we agreed to try the [**pharmaceutical name removed], though, after about one week Ajia refused to take it! She is taking [**pharmaceutical name removed] but her vomiting issues are much more manageable now, so she will be off this very soon. She has been on [**pharmaceutical name removed] for her thyroid since April. But she Truly loves her NHV Herbal Supplements! Ajia recently had a blood panel taken. After less than 8 weeks on the NHV products, along with Reishi mushroom, probiotics and a high protein, mainly raw diet, Ajia had Amazing results: her kidney and liver #'s both in the healthy range and her thyroid level was reduced by 60%! She just has a bit more to go to get that # down, then we will slowly wean her off the thyroid med while increasing the Resthyro. All Great News! Thank you NHV for supporting the health of our cat Ajia! *

Was this review helpful?

Inci - Manta, Italy | June 1, 2016

Hare Krsna! Hi every one. Our daugther ( i won't say cat) is been diognised with lymphoma (B cell type), almost two years ago. Now she is healthier than ever. I am strictly following different natural protocols, advised by our vet here in Turin italy, (Dott. Carlo Giulianelli - Medico Veterinario) and one of the regimen that we are strictly following is giving her Es-clear/ Milk Thistle/ Turmeric / Omega 3 and Tripsy from NHV everday with her raw food diet advised by the vet of NHV Mrs. Hillary Cook. She kindly helped me a lot in the beginning of the regimen. She is having her blood tests and ultrason, and she is very fine and she has no sign of cancer left. All the lymph nodes are at their normal sizes. *

Was this review helpful?

Cheryl - San Diego, CA | May 17, 2016

Remy is a shorthair American Tabby, who is 18 years old. She has many ailments including kidney, thyroid and aches and pains. We give her Omega 3 oils, Resthyro and ES Clear. She is the sweetest cat, and doesn’t mind taking her meds. She loves the flavor of the Omega 3. I am now going to add the arthritis formula to her diet. *

Was this review helpful?

Lily - Tennessee | August 20, 2015

My cat Lily a cancer survivor takes her Multi essentials vitamins twice a day and likes it. Her fur is amazing and she is in great shape and loves to play. I give her the drops along with ES Clear and extra Omega 3 fish oil and it appears to be a perfect combination. *

Was this review helpful?

* Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

**For policy reasons, please refrain from mentioning pharmaceutical names. These will be edited out.

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