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For Cats

Tripsy™ for cats

For kidney, renal and urinary disorders in cats.

  • Soothing aid for flushing kidney stones
  • Healthy support for kidney failure
  • Assists in the maintenance of healthy kidney function
  • Encourages urinary tract health
  • Helps alleviate painful symptoms
  • Helps inhibit infection
  • All natural anti-inflammatory
  • Suitable for long-term use

1 bottle = 3.4oz (100ml)

1 bottle = 100 day supply for a cat.

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Vet approved Tripsy is specially formulated to support cats with kidney disease and kidney failure. It’s a gentle, effective herbal remedy that promotes proper urinary health and can help ease painful urination in cats. Kidney stones and kidney failure are caused by poor diet. Kidney stones form when the body is unable to metabolize minerals.


To be taken twice daily. Determine your pet’s weight and then use the easy chart below to determine the correct dose. This is the minimum dosage.


Pet's Weight Dosage

0 - 15 lb = 0.5 ml

16 - 30 lb = 1.0 ml

31 - 45 lb = 1.5 ml

46 - 60 lb = 2.0 ml

61 - 75 lb = 2.5 ml

Over 75 lb = 3.0 ml

For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop for every 2 lb of body weight. 


How to Administer
Shake well before use. The easiest method is to use the dropper provide and places the drops into your pet’s food or favorite treat. You can also use the dropper and squirt directly into the pet’s mouth.

Some pets can be finicky, if this occurs consider hiding the drops in foods most pet’s love such as fish, chicken or yogurt or a favourite treat. If your pet only eats dry food then soak a few kibbles at feeding time.

For Best Results
Herbal dietary supplements are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your pet and are safe for long-term use. Every pet responds to natural herbal supplements differently, therefore it is important to be consistent and administer the product daily. Supplements generally take two to four weeks to take effect, however this will vary from one animal to the next.

Product Storage
All NHV Natural Pet Products are pure herbal extracts and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.

Cautions and Contraindications
Do not use Tripsy if your pet is pregnant. No known side effects. Speak to your vet before using our products. A second visit is recommended if your pet’s condition does not improve, or deteriorates after continued use of the supplements.

All information provided by NHV Natural Pet Products is for educational purposes only.

Stone Root – Acts as a tonic for the capillaries and prevents the formation of kidney calculi.

Parsley Piert – Aids digestion. Also used to aid fever, kidney stones, bladder stones and fluid retention. 

Wild Hydrangea – A pain reliever that increases the flow of urine and eliminates swelling and fluid retention.

Gravel Root – Restores and cleanses the genitourinary (reproductive and urinary) organs.

Echinacea Purpurea – Contains strong immune-stimulating properties.


Marshmallow – An anti-inflammatory that controls bacterial infections and soothes and softens irritated tissues.


Oregon Grape – Helps relieve indigestion and malabsorption. Also has antibiotic and immunostimulatory properties.



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Average Rating

Donna | November 1, 2017

I'm giving this to my cat as a preventative as some are FIV+ and some are seniors. I add it to their wet food and they don't seem to mind. Hopefully they will stay healthy for much longer! *

Was this review helpful?

Priya.L - Ohio, US | August 11, 2017

I have used Tripsy, Multi-essentials for cats, matricalm, and resthyro for my senior cats for the past few years. I mix a dropper full of each in their food in the morning and night. It seems to slow the aging process and help with their general health. In particular, I give my hyper thyroid cat the resthyro and the conventional medicine and together they seem to help. *

Was this review helpful?

Monty | August 5, 2017

Sagonka, 11, short haired, bladder stone. Sagonka has been taking Tripsy since January ('17), in hopes of dissolving a bladder stone (vs surgery to remove). At her last appt, they Xray-ed and saw that the stone was STILL there, having neither shrunk nor grown. I've chosen to take the "hasn't grown" as positive news, and maybe that the dosage I've been giving her has kept it from growing. I am upping her dosage, and hope to see that that results in better results. *

Was this review helpful?

Nick - Arizona | July 20, 2017

NHV products have done wonders for our 15 year old Chihuahua and 16 year old cat. Thanks so much the Milk Thistle and Tripsy have been great. *

Was this review helpful?

Catherine | June 30, 2017

Since I have been giving her Tripsy, my 19 year old cat is doing better than she had been with going to the litter box, like it's less painful now than it was before. She is grooming herself better also and is eating better. I can tell that she feels better. *

Was this review helpful?

Floridacatlover - Cocoa, FL | June 27, 2017

Buy this product! My 7 yo male had a UTI that he I couldn't get him over with other natural products. I took him to the vet and his urinalysis showed a high level of crystals, blood and bacteria in the urine. What I didn't know is when you take a urine sample you must keep it cool or bacteria can double within 20 minutes. In the Florida heat it took me 40 minutes to get the sample to them so the bacteria showed extremely high-maybe higher than it should have been but there was bacteria regardless. The vet wanted to put him on a strong antibiotic but his kidney and liver levels were not strong enough. I did use [**pharmaceutical name removed] for a week while the vet kept saying he was going to need another round and that she needed him to be on a stronger antibiotic, but I also used the therapeutic dose of Tripsy. A week later, no crystals, no blood and no bacteria. He had an x-ray showing stones in his urethra so I will be keeping him on Tripsy and I will have his blood tested in 6 months with another vet since this one was PUSHING an RX diet. I spent almost $800 at this vet and I am sure that Tripsy would have taken care of the problem if I had had it earlier. Save yourself the big bucks and use Tripsy. *

Was this review helpful?

Joan - Land O Lakes, FL | June 16, 2017

Before I started giving my cat Tripsy she was on a prescription cat food that had no real food ingredients. I hated that he had to eat this way and he kept getting fatter. So I decided to feed him holistic and buy this product for his urinary crystal issue. When I first started he was urinating outside of his box but then after a few days on this product he was using the box. To me that is proof it works. He lost his extra weight and is a happy old cat. *

Was this review helpful?

Brie - Arizona | June 1, 2017

I love these products! I have my 15 year old cat on Tripsy and Old Timer. With Tripsy, her kidney levels are now in normal range and with Old Timer, she is not as stiff and still jumping into bed (all night over and over). I have recommended this company to many of my friends who also see great results. *

Was this review helpful?

geraldine | May 27, 2017

My 15 year old orange tabby Dersu borders on kidney failure and is not the kind of cat to tolerate subcutaneous hydration or pills for treatment so TRIPSY has been a lifesaver! He will lick it up as administered and the results are fantastic. He has gained weight, his oily looking fur is filling out incredibly and he is looking so comfortable, Thank you for TRIPSY, ordering my second batch! *

Was this review helpful?

Michele - San Francisco | May 26, 2017

My cat has been taking Tripsy for a year now and her kidney-related numbers have stopped going up. Also, it doesn't ruin the taste of her food, the way a strong smelling alcohol-based tincture would. *

Was this review helpful?

Magali Lecce - Las Vegas | May 17, 2017

I have been using this tonic for one of my cats who is reeling with chronic kidney disease. Her last blood test showed that numbers came down a little bit. I will continue using this amazing product thank you so much NHV *

Was this review helpful?

Ann - Canada | May 17, 2017

i think it helped my cat. His kidney values improved alot since i started him on idea if it is this product or other supplements that caused the improvement...but i will continue using it :) *

Was this review helpful?

Janie - NC | May 16, 2017

My 13 year old orange tabby was not eating his food too much. After being on the product for about a week his appetite is way better. He is also taking turmeric product, milk thistle, and the ES clear. His energy is way better too. So thankful. *

Was this review helpful?

Nils Olav - Norway | May 9, 2017

Hi! My cat has a kidney stone in her right kidney. After talking to the vet, who said there was not much to do, I immediately ordered Tripsy. After just a couple of days my cat was happier and had more energy. Now it has been over a month since I first administered Tripsy to my cat, and she is so much better. I do not know if the stone is dissolved yet, but I will take her to the vet for another x ray soon. Thank you for this wonderful product! It is such a relief to give my cat a natural supplement without worrying about negative side effects. I absolutely recommend Tripsy! *

Was this review helpful?

Susan - DC | May 7, 2017

This seems to be helping with her kidneys, though she's been getting a few UTI's that we're hoping this will help with, but not sure. Otherwise, she's spritely. *

Was this review helpful?

mochalatte - Vancouver | April 20, 2017

My two cats with stage 2 kidney disease have been taking these two supplements for three weeks now. I have noticed that they are not as nauseated, are calmer, and one cat who was very thin seems to be gaining a little bit of weight. I am going to experiment with a home made, lower protein diet from a recipe given to me by the folks at NHV. Also, I supplement the cats' diet with a phosphorus binder and vitamins. *

Was this review helpful?

Joyce E Montalvo - Pennsylvania | April 14, 2017

This product gave me a few more weeks with my elderly emaciated cat. She was lively and ate like crazy until she could no longer fight. Her body was wasting away faster than she could nourish it. This product was our last little miricle. *

Was this review helpful?

Patti - Woodland, Ca | April 8, 2017

I took my 16 old fur baby into the vet for excessive water drinking, throwing up etc. In Jan 2017, blood work came back with the beginnings of kidney failure, high bun creatine etc... Ive always fed a mixture of raw, higher canned and dry. Vet, prescribed a 2x daily pill and prescriptive low phosphorous and protein food which she would not touch, She's a wee one and only weighs 6.6 pounds, so I did so much research, found all the great reviews for Tripsy, ordered it and started her on it immediately, diet.....everything I read indicated tgat dry food is bad, transitionEd all 4 of my fur babies to no dry, researched canned foods and feed only those that have lower phosphorus. .continued with fresh raw meats. Tripsy 2xday mixed with a few drops of water and a pinch of slippery elm bark(soothing to their tummy)..2.5 months update later Last week.....Very important, found a holistic vet that believes in holistic health and raw foods, we ran her blood work again...Vet was amazed, levels are all in normal range no meds needed, just continue what I'm doing and we'll recheck late June to see how she's doing. Thank you, thank you to all who have provided your reviews, they were so helpful....I'll be reordering soon. Also wanted to add that Removing dry has been a win win My 13 yr old obese male is slimming down and his hair coat has gotten shiny and he always itched and had's all gone. (he's not on Tripsy, yet, hoping the diet change will keep his kidneys healthier longer) *

Was this review helpful?

Crossroads Vet - Bellevue, WA | March 31, 2017

Here at Crossroads Vet we prescribe this product for any of our kidney patients. We have seen this product cure some of our kidney patients and the others their values have significantly improve. We will continue to prescribe and use this awesome product. *

Was this review helpful?

Dixie Chick - Abington, PA | March 28, 2017

My cat was drinking a lot of water. I started her on this product - and her kidney levels got better - and she drinks a lot less water. She does not have a problem taking th is with her wet food. I have had her on this product for almost 2 years. She is 19.5 years old. *

Was this review helpful?

Junior's mom - Sunny Cali | March 25, 2017

My 13 yr old Junior was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I have him on the Hyperthyroidism kit, Tripsy and Hearty heart. I have seen positive results using all three. He's been taking in for 3 weeks now and his energy level is way better. He hasn't played in months and I now catch him playing with his brother. His coat looks SO much better. It looked quite greasy and matted all down his back. Not greasy any more. He generally looks like he FEELS better. That's what matters to me. He's not on any meds, just these products as well as flower essences and Homeopathic remedies. I know there's no cure but I want my Junior to feel 'better'. The flower essence for vomiting has REALLY helped. He used to throw up at least once a day. Now it's a couple of times a month, if that. A TRICK I've recently learned, after having to give my 17 yr old Beautiful some nasty meds at the end of her life due to kidney failure a year ago. My poor baby girl would foam at the mouth and let the meds just dribble and refused to swallow. One of the worst moments of my life. 😢 But I learned to use empty capsules (size 00) for ALL meds and/or supplements. It doesn't matter whether it a powder, liquid, tablets or chews...they all go into capsules. I wish I knew of this decades ago. I place the drops of each herbal supplement INTO the capsule(s), AT THE TIME of giving it to him 2x a day. I have a cup of water in front of me and a syringe with water held in my mouth, as I squat behind Junior. I quickly dunk the capsule filled with the herbal supplements into the water, use my left hand to cup his chin to gently elevate his head, use my ring finger on my right hand to gently pry the corner of his mouth open, with my middle finger and thumb I GENTLY place the capsule at the back of mouth and QUICKLY push back the capsule with my thumb. I keep his mouth closed with my left hand and squirt (NEVER directly into the mouth...had very bad experience once) teeny tiny amounts (equivalent to a drop or two of water at a time) towards his canine tooth (practically touching his tooth, while his mouth is closed) and the droplets of water will collect into the crease/corner of the mouth and he will naturally swallow the capsule with little to no stress. Dunking the capsule will get it very slimy and your furry baby will automatically swallow it. You may not need to squirt any water but I always give him a syringe of water with every capsule, to insure he gets enough water. I usually do about 2-3 capsules for all the herbal supplements, flower essences and homeopathic remedies, along with his Omega 3-6-9, Mush, Probiotics, Vitamins and CoQ10. All of the above have truly made a difference. I took my Junior to the vet about 2 years ago. He just looked awful. I almost never saw him walking around the house, he was always sleeping. He was barely eating. His coat was nasty. He's not cured but definitely a different cat. Our furry babies are with us for a blink of an eye. Try their products. You'll be pleasantly surprised. No side effects, like most pharmaceuticals. *

Was this review helpful?

Joey - Toronto, Ontario | February 7, 2017

My 18 year old black cat was diagnosed with a small mass in his stomach, swollen lymph nodes -- lymphoma in November 2016. I decided against chemotherapy, instead started him on a high dosage of [**pharmaceutical name removed]. He showed improvement, but developed steroid induced diabetes, requiring insulin shots. I started my cat on ES Clear, Tumeric, Milk Thistle, and Tripsy on December 24. I am happy to report that my cat is doing very well. his [**pharmaceutical name removed] dosage was reduced, but he has maintained his appetite and even gained back to his normal weight. The veterinarian even says that it looks like his cancer may be in remission! Thank you so much! I can finally stop crying. *

Was this review helpful?

PJ - Newport Beach | February 6, 2017

My 19 year old cat had was treated for a tumor in his thyroid with radioactive iodine. This damaged his kidneys and he is now having problems with his kidneys and suffered weight loss. A friend recommended Tripsy, so I tried it. His kidney levels are still poor with a creatinine at 4.1, but his weight went from 12. 2 pounds to 12.9 pounds in one month. He is more active and seems happier. *

Was this review helpful?

Carla M - Ohio | January 20, 2017

Murphy is my little old man (20 yrs). Early last year he was diagnosed with the beginnings of renal failure. I ordered Tripsy to give him added benefit in addition to monitoring his diet more closely. His blood evaluations have been monitored closely and my vet is very satisfied with his progress. They have been holding pretty steady. In addition, they have two other clients' cats that are now using Tripsy. *

Was this review helpful?

Worried mamma - Sacramento, CA | January 19, 2017

Gracy has been having kidney issues, her creatine level was a 3 before Tripsy and was tested recently and is now a 2, she should be a 0 but I'm hoping with continued use it will be lower when we have her blood and urine tested again at 10 mo it will at least be a 1. *

Was this review helpful?

Sarah Scholey - U.K | December 20, 2016

My cat was diagnosed with renal failure so i decided to try Tripsy. What a difference, within 2 weeks ,he was back to his old self, lively, eating well and has put on albs This works!!!! *

Was this review helpful?

Annie - New England | December 12, 2016

My 16-year old kitty is having severe renal issues, and the vet gave me the "time to consider quality of life/euthanasia" speech. So I was desperate when I ordered Tripsy and had no real hope. All the other reviews were so positive that it seemed too good to be true, but after just 48 hours on Tripsy, my frail,withdrawn kitty is up and moving around, eating better, and obviously in much less pain than before. I don't know yet how she'll do over the long-term, but given what I'm seeing so far, I wanted to share it for those who are watching their cats suffer and feeling like there's nothing they or a vet can do. I'm continuing her potassium supplement and subcutaneous fluids, but again, she was barely surviving on those things before -- and now that I've added Tripsy, she's actually improving. If this keeps up, I think it's fair to say that Tripsy is a bottled miracle. *

Was this review helpful?

Pat B. - Tarrytown, NY | December 7, 2016

I don't think my "Miracle Cat" would be alive without Tripsy. Over six years ago, Sammy had what was called a saddle thrombus episode and was diagnosed with severe hyper-cardiomyopathy. Over 97% of veterinarians say with just the saddle thrombus episode alone, most of these cats are very lucky to survive for up to approx.3 months--- Well, Sam's doctors keep telling me he he one in a gazillion, that they don't believe he is running around like a kitten, at times, with his super- severe heart trouble. Well, Sam lost his entire right leg and hip due to that clot way back then, and he was super lucky that he regained full use of his left leg; but he has been on so many medications, that of course, he must take daily for the rest of his life. That is why I began giving him just a small dose of Tripsy only once a day for only 3 days per week., and he has been getting that dosage for over 6 years now. Sam was never diagnosed with kidney disease but I thought Tripsy might be a good idea because we all know the damage that so many medications can do to or kidneys and other organs. Now that Sam also has pancreatitis and some gastrointestinal illness, at age 15, I will be increasing the dose of Tripsy to 7 days per week, because I noticed that Tripsy is also good for the pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder,etc. I truly believe that Tripsy has very much helped to keep him alive with all the daily meds. he has to take, or other wise, his kidneys may have failed by now. And I do understand that Tripsy is safe with all of his medications as NHV representatives have always been researching all of his medications to inform me, for sure. The only reason that I did not increase his Tripsy dosage, for all the prior years, is, as, I said, he was never diagnosed with kidney problems, and he is on so many medications and supplements that my little angel needs room for his food ! But now, at his age and with the recent diagnoses of chronic pancreatitis, etc., I will be up-ing his Tripsy dosage, and will be considering other NHV supplements, as well. That is, IF, this boy can handle any more of ANYTHING in his little belly. Actually, his big little belly, because "Sammy Miracle Cat" is a gorgeous black/white/grey Maine Coon, who is, now, only 10 - 11 pounds, at age 15. And no one would even suspect he is sick in any way by just seeing him ! And if I kept his hair long (not good with heart condition, those frequent hairballs) you wouldn't even notice he is minus a back leg and hip, when he, yet, zooms in and out of rooms! But if you saw all of his cardiology scans and reports, you, also, would know that Tripsy is helping his kidneys to help keep him alive, and in this well of a condition ! I sincerely Thank all the staff at NHV and Tripsy. Sammy-- and his Mom, Pat *

Was this review helpful?

Diane - Massachusetts | November 20, 2016

THE BEST. It works miracles. *

Was this review helpful?

Linda - Camden, Maine | October 24, 2016

My cat went into kidney failure April 2015. Using Tripsy in conjunction with meds has brought and kept his values into a stable zone. My vet agreed that Tripsy would indeed play a vital role. Am happy to say my boy is still with me! So grateful! *

Was this review helpful?

Cindy - Vancouver | September 29, 2016

About a year ago, my purebred ragdoll kitty, Snowflake, was trying to use her litter box and was in severe distress—yowling in pain and hopping in and out of her box. She could not urinate, and actually had not urinated for over a day. I rushed her to the vet where they did x-rays and informed me she was developing kidney stones (though the vet was not sure that was the reason for her pain). I got her home and immediately started using the Tripsy. Snowflake has been so much better. She does not yowl in the litter box, and her urine output is normal! *

Was this review helpful?

Inci - Manta, Italy | June 1, 2016

Hare Krsna! Hi every one. Our daugther ( i won't say cat) is been diognised with lymphoma (B cell type), almost two years ago. Now she is healthier than ever. I am strictly following different natural protocols, advised by our vet here in Turin italy, (Dott. Carlo Giulianelli - Medico Veterinario) and one of the regimen that we are strictly following is giving her Es-clear/ Milk Thistle/ Turmeric / Omega 3 and Tripsy from NHV everday with her raw food diet advised by the vet of NHV Mrs. Hillary Cook. She kindly helped me a lot in the beginning of the regimen. She is having her blood tests and ultrason, and she is very fine and she has no sign of cancer left. All the lymph nodes are at their normal sizes. *

Was this review helpful?

sfwolf13 - Orange County | January 22, 2016

We heard about Tripsy from a friend in San Francisco who had been using it for their cat and have had great success. Our little girl, who is 17 now ended up being dx'd with hypothyroidism along with Kidney Disease. We put her on Tripsy, along with a Vet Rx for her Hypothryroidism. Recently we started using Tumeric too as she started to move slower with what seemed to be joint pain. Also added Multi-Essentials. She has bounced back!! She isn't acting like an older kitty. Her bloodwork over the past 2 years has definitely improved. We are greatful for NHV and their products! *

Was this review helpful?

British Short Hair - California | January 19, 2016

Our 15 year old female cat was being treated for chronic renal failure by a local vet and was continuing to decline until we started Tripsy. Soon after we started Tripsy she started to recover her normal activity levels and seems to be improving not just as we observe her daily but her blood panels have also been improving. Our cat is still getting sub-Q fluids and Tripsy but it is hard to deny that Tripsy has made a very noticeable improvement for our cat. *

Was this review helpful?

Natural Pet Supply - Johnson City, TN | January 6, 2016

Update by Natural Pet Supply Store: I have an older cat (with a history of bladder stones years ago) who had blood in her urine last night and was very painful. I gave her Tripsy in addition to a couple drops each of Saw Palmetto and Uva Ursi and she did not seem to be in any pain and her urine was clear this am when I caught it in a cup. Update from Natural Pet Supply Store: We have a kitten at the store who was frequently squatting and peeing small amounts of urine and after 2 doses of Tripsy had a full urine output that was clear and had no smell. Good stuff, keeps impressing us. *

Was this review helpful?

Kimber - Santa Ana, CA | December 15, 2015

I have been giving Chester, my 13 year old cat, Resthyro, Tripsy and Milk Thistle for over 1,5 years now. My cat diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and he did not do well with the vet prescribed pharmaceuticals. It almost killed him! It was so scary. That was when I searched for a more natural option and found NHV. The supplements have helped him a lot. He is now happy, he is back to himself playing with his cat and dog siblings as well as gaining weight. Best of all, he is grooming again. I have been giving the Milk Thistle and Tripsy as a preventative as liver and kidneys can be affected by hyperthyroidism. The NHV supplements have been so positive for us and we are so happy with the results. *

Was this review helpful?

Linda S - Philadelphia, PA | December 8, 2015

I am about to order NHV OLD TIMER FOR CATS (for arthritis, muscle and joint pain) for my 15-year-old cat who is suffering from joint stiffness and arthritis. Over the years I have used a number of these NHV herbal remedies for my cats and they have all been wonderful. One of my cats had been diagnosed as showing the beginning signs of what could become CRF (chronic renal failure is an all too common disease and I had seen a pet suffer in the past). I ordered Tripsy for him and the subject never came up again. His kidneys remained healthy. I can highly recommend TRIPSY for use as a daily tonic in warding off CRF (and have recommended it to friends with cats). I have used NHV MARIS with great results - for constipation and general digestive health. I have also used RESP-AID™ FOR CATS and it has afforded relief to one cat for nasal/respiratory/sinus congestion. I also recommend NHV MULTI ESSENTIALS as an excellent general source for daily vitamins and minerals. I think you can mix these formulas with food but my cats do not seem to mind the taste – not at all. I use the dropper and give the drops directly from the bottle. While some of these products may seem expensive, when all is said and done if I can avoid having to use prescription drugs that come with many side effects, and ward off illness, they are well worth the price! *

Was this review helpful?

Inci - Manta, Italy | November 4, 2015

UPDATE: Kizim just love your products and it is wonderful to see they actually work like a miracle. It is almost one year that she is diagnosed with cancer and she is even healthier than before today :-)))) *

Was this review helpful?

Inci - Manta, Italy | November 4, 2015

I can say that all the medicines work very well. ES Clear is slowing the speed of lymphome, Milk thistle and Tripsy had made amazing positive change in the liver and kidney functions according to the latest blood tests which I have made just before starting to use the drops and right after two months period.(Originally posted August 27, 2015) *

Was this review helpful?

Tony - Michigan | October 22, 2015

My 19-year old, 5.5 lb, indoor/outdoor cat had been showing signs of hyperactivity, including increased thirst and hunger. During some time outside one night, she bolted. She was found 2 miles from our home the next day. The woman who found her was a profound cat-lover and took her to the vet who ran test and concluded that she probably had hyperthyroid and kidney disease issues but wanted to run further tests to be sure. After doing lots of research, soul-searching, and asking questions through your website, we decided to try Resthyro and Tripsy to treat our old kitty's symptoms. We didn't notice a difference until 1.5 to 2 weeks into administering the drops. This week, she's relaxing and not constantly asking for food and water. There truly seems to be a difference in her demeanor. Very pleased to this point. Going to try Old Timer drops now to treat her arthritis. Thank you for providing non-pharma alternatives!!! *

Was this review helpful?

M Sage - Franklin, MA | October 5, 2015

Been using this for my cats and now for Monty's crystals and it works wonders. Thank you very much *

Was this review helpful?

S Fox - Ireland | September 30, 2015

Hi just to leave a comment for Resthyro and Tripsy products also old timer. I have semi feral cats. The 11 yr old male showed signs of hyperthyroidism. I started him on resthyro and seen an improvement in his behaviour straight away. I then started on Tripsy and have noticed the hair loss is finally diminishing. he has lost a lot of weight so I was only giving .5ml a day.I am goingto increase to see if this can help him more. I am delighted with results it has saved his life. I started my 14yr and 13 yr old females on old timer and see adefinateimprovement in movement and humour! thank you *

Was this review helpful?

Natural Pet Supply - Johnson City, TN | September 10, 2015

The Tripsy worked wonders with our store cats. We were smelling ammonia very strongly in the litter box and that is gone now. *

Was this review helpful?

Inci - Manta, Italy | August 27, 2015

I can say that all the medicines work very well. ES Clear is slowing the speed of lymphome, Milk Thistle and Tripsy had made amazing positive change in the liver and kidney functions according to the latest blood tests which I have made just before starting to use the drops and right after two months period. ( if your doctor needs these blood tests for some reason, i can send) The tripsy is about to finish and also the rest but before making new order I have to ask, after we finish one bottle of tripsy, milk thistle, es-clear and turmeric, can we continue with the other bottles for each of them? *

Was this review helpful?

Diane - MARION, MA | August 2, 2015

I miracle drug. I gave it to a very sickly cat that was expected to live only 6 months. He lasted more than 6 years. Recently another older cat was failing fast. Nothing showed up in the blood work, but I started him on the Tripsy and within 3 days I started to see major improvements. Thank you NHV, *

Was this review helpful?

becky - washington | June 1, 2015

Love it. *

Was this review helpful?

Mel C - Manhantan Beach, CA | April 28, 2015

My cat developed kidney disease, I started giving her Tripsy immediately. Within two days her symptoms disappeared and she has been doing great ever since. I never expected it to work so fast. I put the drops right in her food and she eats it up with no problem. Couldn't be easier. *

Was this review helpful?

Amanda - Saskatoon, Canada | April 23, 2015

I administer Multi Essentials to her twice per day (along with Tripsy) and since starting it almost a 5 month have noticed a very big difference in her energy level and appearance. She is an old girl (17-years and counting), but she is so much more lively. *

Was this review helpful?

Selina - Colardo | January 30, 2015

My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. I've used Tripsey for several months and he is doing GREAT. Tripsy seems to have stopped the decline. Would definitely recommend. *

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Gerald - MD , USA | January 30, 2015

I have 2 cats on Tripsy. They are 8 and 12 years old. The older act has been on Tripsy for almost 2 years and his last blood test showed no worsening of his kidney function in a year and a half. I put it on their canned food twice a day and they actually seem to enjoy the taste! *

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Joanne - Florida | January 14, 2015

LOVE this product! *

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Elaine - Rhode Island | December 8, 2014

Our male cat was having problems first with urinary calculi and he was also drinking large amounts of water so I was concerned about his kidney function. Normally when I give him medicine he is clawing and letting me know he does not want it. With Tripsy I just let him know I am giving him his herbs. I have to be fast but he complies with no claws. There no longer seem to be the very large wet clumps in the litter box so I think Tripsy is helping him. I will continue to give him the supplement daily. *

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Tiger - South Carolina | December 8, 2014

when I found out Tiger had kidney problems I fell apart. The vet actually told me there was nothing that could be done. My wife told me that if I didn't quit neither would Tiger. She ordered online and within days we had it and started giving it to him. I am not a religious person but what I saw was nothing short of a miracle. Where he would lay under a bed all day and night now he came out to see me and sit with me again. He would eat almost nothing and having to force water to him, now his appetite returned and he is getting stronger. I don't know how to repay THANK YOU *

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Cookie - New Jersey | December 8, 2014

Cookie my 13 year kitty was diagnosed with acute Renal Failure. I thought I was going to lose her soon, because she was losing weight, vomiting often and yowling frequently as if n pain. I took her to my vet and of course her lab values were off the wall. She was started on medication, but it wasn't making a big difference with the nausea and discomfort. I started looking for more information and came to finding Tripsy. My cat does not vomit any more, she appears to be more comfortable and the yowling has almost completely stopped. She has even started playing again and is eating better, even though she is fussy and spoiled and always has been!! I realize she is not cured, but hopefully this will keep her with me for a long time as I love her a lot! Thank you for Tripsy!!!! *

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Diva - Tennessee | December 8, 2014

Diva was diagnosed with Kidney disease. My vet said there's really nothing she could and I wasn't ready to let her go. I found TRIPSY when I was researching natural treatments for feline kidney disease. She's been on Tripsy since Feb, 2012. At that time her BUN was 41 and creatinine 3.7. I have her blood levels checked every 2 months. I am ecstatic to say her BUN is now 34 and his creatine 2.7!!!! My vet was so happy and now she's convinced and will be suggesting TRIPSY to her other patients with kidney disease. 
I will continue to give her TRIPSY for the rest of her life. 
please if your pet has kidney disease give this product a try!! You've got nothing to lose and oh, so much to gain!!!
;)))) *

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Kiki - Oregon | December 8, 2014

I began using Tripsy about a year ago with my Kitty Kiki who is now 14 years old. I give her 1/2 mil of Tripsy 2x a day. About 9 months ago, Kiki was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. At that point I started her on Resthyro which is a great product as well. With Hyperthyroidism there can be underlying issues with kidneys, etc. Kiki started to have some bleeding when she urinated. Dreading to take her back to the vet because of the stress, I decided to give the Tripsy a try. Within 2 days of her being on the Tripsy the bleeding completely stopped and has not come back .She is a very happy kitty @ the age of 14 and doing very well. I'm so thankful for NHV Natural Pet Products and their products. I recommend Tripsy 100%. *

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Annie - Indiana | December 8, 2014

I am so happy that I found NHV Natural Pet Products. I ordered Tripsy when my kitty Jasmine 14 years old was diagnosed with kidney disease from routine blood work prior to her teeth cleaning, I was guilt-ridden because I thought her dull coat and lack of appetite was due to her age and a sore tooth. Thankfully I found this site. Since giving her the Tripsy twice a day, she has improved so much. She is once again waking me up in the morning because she is hungry, she is grooming again and her coat looks so much better. In addition, she is urinating much less frequently and seems rather pleased with herself. Best of all, yesterday she played with her favorite toy! 

I am so grateful for this product. *

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bluebird - Missouri | December 2, 2014

Our cat, Buffie, has been using Tripsy for more than 3 years now. He was losing weight, had low energy and showed all the signs of going into renal failure. The vets had diagnosed him with him being in moderate to the beginning stages of advanced renal failure. They suggested we feed him the food that they sold in the clinic for kidneys, but we felt that the food was not good and was not happy with the options they presented. We found started to feed him a raw diet and used the Tripsy. He turned around in a matter of days! After a month, he was climbing up on the roof! Before he wasn't even able to walk around. We feel this is a miraculous product that has helped Buffie continue to keep going strong. He is now 16 years old and still alert, active and playing chase. We are very religious with giving him the supplements every day , twice a day. *

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yeo.ruth - Singapore | October 20, 2014

My cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. My vet said BUN levels may come down with supplementation, but CRE (creatinine) levels usually never do. However, with Tripsy, my cat's CRE level dropped from 2.9 to 2.2 in ~6 weeks. My vet was surprised & asked what I've been giving! :D ***THANK YOU NHV! Keep up the good work!*** *

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kcabalse - Torrance, CA | August 11, 2014

Kris My cat was diagnosed with large kidney. I started giving him Tripsy twice a day, he has improved so much. I am very happy that I found NHV Natural Pet Products. Thank you. *

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L Johnson - Hawaii | July 23, 2014

We have been giving our cat Tripsy since 2007 or 2008. She had renal issues and this product was recommended by our Chiropractor who has her own cat on the product. We are thankful for Tripsy and feel it has helped our cat live such a happy life and she is 24.5 yrs old! She even wakes up my husband (even if it's having to sit on his face) so he would get up to give her the supplements. *

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J Valentin - NC | July 23, 2014

NHV is great! Our cat loves it. Our cat is 21.5 years old and about 4 years ago, the vet had told us there was nothing more we can do and to get prepared... That was when we found Tripsy and she is still with us. We have been using Tripsy for the last 4 years. It works really well and we are so happy with it. *

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jackosf - Tampa , Florida | July 10, 2014

My 15yr young cat Misse started having kidney issues after we got her thyroid under control. I went into overdrive trying to figure out how I can get her healthy (frankly I wish she could live 80 or so yrs). One of my clients recommended this company. I could not be happier. Two blood test results so far and her "numbers" keep improving!! I am so thankful I found this company. I have recommended countless people to start there pet on the products here!! *

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R Rymal - Clearwater , Florida | May 9, 2014

Tripsy is part of our cat's natural kidney treatment. She has been on Tripsy for 3 years and the vet says she is doing great! *

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BMente - Clinton, CT, | April 22, 2014

This product has worked wonders on my 15 year old kitty. His kidney values were at stage 3 renal disease and after using Tripsy for four months his values have been cut in half. I knew the product was working even before the second blood values were taken; he began to drink less excessive amounts of water. He will on this remedy the rest of his life. I feel his quality of life has been greatly improved by the Tripsy. I would recommend for any kitty that is elderly; kidney health is critical. *

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Nwingate - Vashon, WA | April 9, 2014

Sam, my one year old rescued cat, use to have kidney stones. The vet had treated him with liquid injections under the skin and had even suggested that I put him down. I didn't agree with his suggestions and found Tripsy. Sam has never had any problems since using Tripsy. The product is so good and he doesn't mind taking it with his food. *

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Gregory S - Middletown, CT | April 4, 2014

We have been using Tripsy for a long time now and all our cats are on it. A number of our cats have kidney issues which the vet advised the elevated levels will continue to go up and never down. Tripsy has reversed this and the levels have gone down. This was not expected or predicted by our vets. We are very happy with this product. It has greatly improved and made a difference in our cats lives. *

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BWasstrom - Ohio | April 4, 2014

I have been giving my cat Tripsy for 2 years now. It works very well. My cat was having very bad bladder infections and was almost dead. I used Tripsy and it helped clear it up and kept the infections away. It works so well and I am glad to have found the product again. *

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imagineanddream - Maine | January 10, 2014

Our 21 year old cat Phoebe developed kidney disease two years ago. We have an excellent vet but the medication she prescribed was not working as we would like and we became very afraid that she was dying. Some told us that she had already lived a long and wonderful life and maybe it was her time. However, we were not ready to let her go if we could bring back her quality of life. In desperation I searched the web and found Tripsy. With nothing to lose we ordered it. What a difference in a short space of time! Now, in conjunction with her meds, sub-Q fluids and Tripsy she is healthy and happy and has remained so. We are amazed by how much improvement we have seen in all areas of her health and so thankful for all the extra time with her we have been given. Our vet is amazed. Her blood is tested every two to three months and her readings continue to be good. She is our little miracle kitty and we believe with the help of Tripsy she will continue to thrive. We had always purchased Tripsy from Pet Wellbeing and were shocked and scared to discover when we tried to reorder tonight that they were no longer selling it. Since we know that it is Tripsy's very specific formula that added life and health to Phoebe we were extremely scared that the formula was no longer available. Experimentation was not an option. We were so happy and thankful upon discovering that we can purchase it directly from your site! Thank you! We are forever grateful. *

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susan nevins - Portsmouth, RI | December 27, 2013

My cat, Babe, had been on Tripsy for 2 years for chronic renal failure. She was also on ES Clear for previous cancer. In addition the vet treats her with scheduled antibiotics to keep the infection at bay. The company that previously sold Tripsy stopped carrying it and so I switched to 2 herbal products that they recommended to replace the Tripsy and ES Clear. After several months Babe was not doing as well and after a desperate search, I was able to find the original products again with NHV. It didn't take long to get her back on course. My 16 yr. old dog is also on these products and I swear by them. I am so frustrated that more vets do not use alternative meds like these. *

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