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Keeping Yout Cat Healthy Is a Paws-itive Experience with NHV



Keeping Yout Cat Healthy Is a Paws-itive Experience with NHV

Vet-Formulated Remedies for Cysts in Cats

A cyst is a fluid-filled closed growth that can develop during many healthy tissues. These growths can vary in size and emerge anywhere in the body.

Types of Cysts in Cats

Cats may be born with some cysts and others can develop throughout their life.

  • Dilated Pores of Winer Cysts—These cysts are rare hair follicle growths that occur in older cats and of those most are male.
    • Dome-shaped
    • Protrudes from the surface of the skin
    • Resembles a blackhead
  • Skin Cyst—These are benign keratinized cysts that are filled with a skin protein called keratin.
    • Can appear as a solitary cyst or multiple cysts
    • Most are malformations of the hair follicles
    • Surgical removal is an option

    By utilizing NHV’s natural remedies for cysts in cats, you can help cleanse the body and the organs which may help in reducing cysts from forming. For more information, read our blog at Vet Talk with Dr. Hillary Cook.

  • Kidney Cyst—This cyst is usually detected accidentally but generally does not interfere with kidney function.
  • Liver Cyst—Cats may be born with these cysts, or they can develop over time, and mostly go undetected but some may cause symptoms to occur such as:
    • Abdominal swelling
    • Weakness and lethargy
    • Excessive thirst
    • Vomiting

    You can support your kitty’s liver with natural remedies like Milk Thistle. ES Clear is useful for cysts in cats and contains: potent herbs such as Burdock which has free radical scavenging properties to eliminate toxins in the liver.

  • Apocrine Gland Cysts of the Sweat Gladsn—Three types of these cysts can develop in cats.
    • Apocrine Gland Adenoma
      • Firm to soft
      • Contains clear to brownish fluid
      • Found in older cats
      • Generally develop in head, neck, and legs.
    • Apocrine Ductular Adenoma
      • Found in older cats
      • Develop close to the surface of the skin
      • Benign
      • Surgically removed
    • Apocrine Gland Adenocarcinoma
      • A rare tumor of the sweat glands
      • Can vary in appearance from a thick lump to an ulcer that can spread across the skin
      • Malignant
      • The preferred treatment is complete removal.
  • Ovarian Cysts—These cysts are fluid-filled follicular cysts that develop in the ovary causing ovarian issues such as:
      • Prolonged secretion of estrogen
      • Continual signs of estrus (being in heat) in females
      • The preferred treatment is the removal of the ovaries and the uterus.
      • Administering drugs that cause ovulation can be done if you intend to breed your cat but pay close attention to any signs of uterine disease.

Use NHV’s holistic supplements for your cat’s cyst with treatment prescribed by your vet for comprehensive care. You can read a press release letter from Dr. Donna Raditic on the benefits of integrative medicine.

If you have questions or concerns about herbal supplements including remedies for cysts in cats, ask an expert at NHV because we want your kitty healthy, happy, and pouncing for joy!

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