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Often Rag dolls appear larger then they are due to their fluffy coat, which can ben described semi-longhaired, soft and plush, with a long-fluffed tail. This breed is believed to originate from a mix of the Burmese, Birman and Persian cat. These cats have very easy-going personalities and work well in all types of families.

Common Health Conditions

  • Dental disease is common in cats who are not having their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Food residue eventually turns into tartar which can infect the gums and tooth.
  • Lymphoma is a type of cancer in cats that affects the lymphatic system, specifically a when the cat’s “lymphocyte” white blood cells begin to function abnormally.
  • Bladder stones can occur in any breed and prevent the ability to regularly or normally urinate as the urethra becomes blocked by these stones. The sizes of these stones can range from large to small bits or a mixture of both.
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