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Overview of Azawakh

The Azawakh is a sighthound that originates from the Western African countries Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. They originally served as companions, hunters, and guardians to the Tuareg nomads, and have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. Despite their long history in the Saharan desert, the Azawakh dog only gained breed recognition at AKC (American Kennel Club) in 2019. At first glance, they may resemble Greyhounds, yet these medium-sized hounds (33-55 lbs) are more closely related to Sloughis and Salukis, who are also sighthounds (rely on sight and speed to hunt prey). No one knows the exact origins of the Azawakh’s breed history, but many speculate that they share some of their genetics with wild bush dogs like the Jackal. Naturally built to bolt, these dogs have long legs, a double suspension gallop and a slender frame - you should be able to see their ribs! They come in a range of coat colors (red, brown, black, gray and white, etc.) and patterns like parti-color or brindle. A weekly once-over with a rubber mitt would be enough to keep their short coat looking its best. Don't be fooled by their slim build; the Azawakh is a sturdy hunter who's been chasing gazelle across the African plains for over a millennia!

Personality of Azawakh

The Azawakh dog is an elegant, high-energy and independent breed known for their deep devotion and affection towards their human family. They are cuddly but cautious, so early socialization is key to a well-rounded Azawakh. As family pets, they can adapt to many kinds of households but need adequate daily exercise to satisfy their need for speed! With a tendency to dig, and a high guarding instinct, these pups would greatly benefit from early training. So if you want a speedy, devoted companion with an ancient heritage, consider bringing home an Azawakh!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Azawakh Dog

Hypothyroidism in Dogs: Like other sighthounds, the Azawakh dog naturally has low levels of thyroid hormone, but this can become problematic for some who may suffer lethargy, hair loss, and severe cold intolerance as a result.

Recommendations for Hypothyroidism in Azawakh Dog:

  • Hypothyroidism Kit - A bundle of natural supports to help alleviate symptoms of hypothyroidism, improve thyroid hormone levels and support overall endocrine health.

Seasonal Allergies in Dogs: Just like humans, breeds like the Azawakh can suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies, resulting in itchy skin, and potential infection.

Recommendations for Seasonal Allergies in Azawakh Dog:

  • Alge-Ex - an oral supplement that is formulated to support the immune system, help regulate histamine response and alleviate symptoms of environmental allergies.
  • Stimmune - is a vet-formulated supplement that helps to support and re-balance the immune system.
  • Ouch Away - topical spray that encourages fur regrowth while shielding pets from biting insects and helps restore immune health.
  • Yucca - contains properties that aid with the body's natural ability to produce corticosteroids, which can help to regulate many body process such as immune system function.

Spondylosis in Dogs: is a degenerative condition of the spine where bone growths develop on the vertebrae of the spinal column and may lead to nerve damage and numbness in the limbs. Typically, these spurs develop due to joint injury or osteoarthritis.

Recommendations for Spondylosis in Azawakh Dog:

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