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Bedlington Terrier


Overview of Bedlington Terriers

With their adorable lamblike appearance and gentle nature, it may surprise you that the Bedlington Terrier spent most of the 1800s doing dirty and often dangerous work! They get their name from the mining town of Bedlington in Northern England, where they were bred to work as ratters in coal mines and vermin killers in factories. Thanks to their ample charms, Bedlington Terriers eventually rose from the coal mines and factories to estate houses. British aristocracy found Bedlington puppies to be fun-loving, lovable companions, as well as stylish ornaments to their luxurious lifestyle. The Bedlington Terrier's coat is a mixture of hard and soft hair that sheds very little, but their hair grows so quickly that they need to be groomed every two months! These medium-sized terriers (17-23 lbs) come in liver, blue, sandy, or any of those coat colors with tan points.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Bedlington Terrier

Copper storage hepatopathy:

Is a common genetic condition in Bedlington Terriers where they develop an abnormal accumulation of copper in the liver. This accumulation of copper can lead to progressive liver damage.

Recommendations for Copper storage hepatopathy in Bedlington Terrier Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Bedlington Terrier

Dog hepatitis:

Is a fairly common liver issue in certain purebred dogs like the Bedlington Terrier.

Recommendations for Dog hepatitis in Bedlington Terrier Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Bedlington Terrier

Dry eye:

Also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) is a common condition in Bedlington Terriers. The tear glands can no longer produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist resulting in itchy, sore eyes and infections.

Recommendations for Dry eye in Bedlington Terrier Dogs:


Don't let the Bedlington Terrier's fluffy, lamblike appearance fool you. Underneath that plush coat is a highly intelligent and alert terrier. They are bighearted, lovable companions who make great additions to any family and do well with positive reinforcement. Despite looking like a stuffed animal come to life, these energetic dogs need lots of exercise and have a high prey drive! So if you're looking for a cheerful and silly companion that is as gentle as a lamb, while still possessing the tenacity of a terrier, a Bedlington Terrier might be the pooch for you!

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