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Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory Conditions

Relief for Bird with Breathing Conditions

Natural Respiratory Support for Pets

Pets of any size and kind can suffer from respiratory issues. You can help prevent breathing trouble in your bird by providing a clean, safe environment while also meeting their nutritional needs. NHV’s line of natural pet products offers powerful holistic solutions to reduce discomfort for birds with breathing difficulties while boosting their overall health.

How NHV Remedies Support Birds With Respiratory Issues

Our Asthma Kit for Respiratory Relief contains two powerful respiratory aids, Stimmune and Resp-Aid™. Both work to help relieve allergy symptoms, help act as a preventive for future respiratory problems, support your bird’s breathing, and soothe asthma symptoms with natural ingredients such as:

  • Asian Ginseng—Helps revitalize the body. It is high in antioxidants and helps improve resistance to stress and disease
  • Astragalus—Helps support the body against respiratory infections, helps protect the liver, and supports immunity
  • Coltsfoot—Contains antibacterial properties and helps alleviate asthma symptoms like coughing and spasms
  • Echinacea Purpurea—Supports immunity and helps the body fight against infection
  • Ginger—Supports the body against respiratory infections and helps relieve pain caused by your bird’s breathing trouble
  • Horehound—Aids with relaxing spasms and helps soothe symptoms of bronchitis
  • Licorice—Supports immunity and respiratory problems and helps reduce inflammation
  • Lobelia—Helps relax respiratory muscles, promotes the flow of oxygenated blood, reduces inflammation, and decreases mucus production
  • Marshmallow—Soothes the respiratory tract, fights against bacterial infection, and eases coughing and irritation
  • Mullein—Contains mucilage, saponins, and antibiotic properties
  • Myrrh—Fights against infection and relieves pain
  • Oregon Grape—Fights against fungal and bacterial infection and reduces inflammation
  • Plantain—Eases coughing and mucous membrane irritation, fights against respiratory infections, and soothes discomfort in lung tissues

Additionally, malnourished birds are at risk for fungal infections. Pet owners looking to support their bird’s breathing problems can effectively do so with a crucial multivitamin solution like Multi Essentials for Birds.

Symptoms of Respiratory Distress

  • Sneezing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Poor appetite
  • Weakness

Pet owners who have seen any of these symptoms should contact their pet’s veterinarian and make an appointment. An official diagnosis from a licensed pet professional is your first step to addressing your bird’s breathing trouble. Our holistic respiratory solutions are a great addition to any vet-approved treatment plan.

Health conditions like asthma can cause a number of breathing problems for birds. Soothe symptoms of asthma and support your pet’s immune system with NHV’s Asthma Kit For Respiratory Relief.

Support Your Bird With Many Common Conditions

Avian aspergillosis is a commonly contracted fungal infection within the pet bird population. Malnutrition and preexisting health conditions that compromise the immune system also increase the likelihood your bird will develop breathing issues like aspergillosis. While the fungal spores responsible for this infection can be found in the environment, most birds become infected due to poor ventilation, contaminated food, and unsanitary living conditions.

Aspergillosis can harm a bird’s respiratory tract and have dangerous lifelong consequences. Short-term aspergillosis is severe and can be life-threatening, whereas aspergillosis that has developed over time usually results in irreversible damage by the time it is diagnosed. Treatment for this serious threat to your bird’s breathing typically involves prescribed medications and following preventative measures like proper hygiene and nutrition.

There are many other respiratory illnesses that your bird may contract, including Psittacosis, Pneumonia, and Air Sacculitis. NHV Resp-Aid™ may be beneficial for any of these conditions.

Additional Support for Birds with Breathing Trouble

NHV’s natural pet products are formulated by a holistic veterinarian and herbalist with over 50 years of combined experience. Get the support you need by contacting our team of pet experts and veterinary professionals today.

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