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Overview of Siamese

Once coveted companions of Buddhist monks and royalty in Ancient Siam, Siamese cats are one of the oldest kitties around, possibly even dating back to the 14th century. Siamese cats are considered to be so beautiful that their good looks have become the foundation stock for many other breeds, including the Himalayan, the Burmese, and the Tonkinese. And we can see why, just look at their otherworldly blue eyes and their stunning color points! Two different lines of Siamese cats have been developed over the years: the traditional and the modern. The modern is longer and sleeker, while the traditional has a rounder body and a more apple-shaped head. Their short silky coats only need a weekly brushing with a rubber brush to remove loose hairs and polish their fur to a high gloss.

Personality of Siamese Cats

Super smart and easy to train, Siamese kitties can learn tricks and would likely enjoy agility too! They are super high energy and stay playful well into adulthood, so they make perfect playmates for small children. The Siamese is the most vocal of all cat breeds, so if you aren't ready for the 'chatty Cathy’ of the cat world, the Siamese may not be for you. If you're in the market for a clever, athletic kitty with model looks and who is always wanting to talk your ear off, you’ll love a Siamese!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Siamese Cats

Asthma in cats: Siamese cats are one of the breeds that are most prone to breathing difficulties or respiratory tract issues.

Recommendations for Asthma in Siamese Cats:

  • Resp-Aid - Contains a blend of herbs that can help soothe chest, nose and throat inflammation, help ease coughing and sneezing and can support healthy breathing.
  • Stimmune - Beneficial support to help balance the immune system, and help to improve the body’s defenses against infection.

Heart disease in cats: Siamese cats may be prone to heart issues like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which is classified as a thickening of the heart muscle. This is the most common form of heart disease in cats.

Recommendations for Heart Disease in Siamese Cats:

Amyloidosis in cats: is an inherited issue in Siamese cats that may lead to liver failure. This condition is characterized by a buildup of protein in various organs, leading to possible damage to the liver and kidneys. Symptoms may include appetite loss, lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Recommendations for Amyloidosis in Siamese Cats:

  • Yucca - This ancient root can be beneficial for encouraging healthy appetite and add antioxidant support.
  • TumFlora - Formulated to help naturally balance your cat’s digestive health and can help to relieve symptoms like vomiting while encouraging healthy bowel movements.
  • Multi Essentials - Containing a blend of 11 different nutrient-rich herbs, this all-natural formulation helps to encourage effective digestion, promote healthy energy levels and help increase new tissue growth.
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