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Skin Abrasions

Skin Abrasions

Skin Abrasions

Abrasions can occur from simple actions such as an active and energetic kitty jumping over or playing under fences, but these conditions need to be taken seriously. NHV’s First Aid and NHV’s All Clear Ointment can provide the best support against cuts, scrapes and skin infections so your little one can live a healthy and active life.

How NHV Remedies Support Pets with Skin Abrasions

This kit will work as a natural antiseptic that will help prevent infection, pain and irritation caused by abrasions. It contains powerful herbs such as Neem, which has antibacterial and antiviral properties that speed healing and Marigold, which contains elements that speed cell reproduction and prevent bacteria and fungi from infecting a cut.

Symptoms of Abrasions

  • Irritated skin 
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Chewing or licking the same area

Support Your Pet with Skin Abrasions

An abrasion is a damage or scrape to an area or multiple areas of the skin. It can be caused by factors such as cuts and bites, and it’s important to be taken care of since any damage to the can leave an open door for microorganisms to invade and cause an infection.

Additional Support

It’s important to always be prepared for an emergency situation involving your cat. Having a first aid kit containing things like gauze, bandages, safety scissors, vet wraps, freshwater, tweezers, NHV First Aid Spray and All Clear Ointment is a great way to start. Click here to read our blog about first aid kit essentials!


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