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NHV supporting 3 FeLV kitties


"Been treating 3 feline leukemia positive cats with Felimm and RespAid for about 4/5 weeks, who were previously strays and most of the other strays passed away or had to be put down. We tried antibiotics for about 6 months before finding out they had FeLV and its the only thing that's helped manage their symptoms in the 9 months I've had them. One of my babies was on the verge of being put down about 2 months ago because we thought he was going to die any day and he's doing way better now than he was, getting real chunky and piling on weight happy out. Can't recommend NHV products enough for saving my babies. Also great customer service, they genuinely care how the cats are doing. Well worth the money ❤️❤️" - Leah

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