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Natural Supplements for Sheep and Goat Health

Baby Pygmy goats and fuzzy little lambs are some of the cutest creatures on earth! Did you know that there is growing research about how goats and sheep can make wonderful pets because they bond very closely to their human companions? Well it’s true! And NHV’s plant-based supplements can support all of your caprine and ovine friends with vet-approved, gentle formulations safe for long-term, daily use.

How NHV Supplements Can Support Sheep and Goat Health Naturally

Like humans, pet sheep and pet goats can experience a variety of health concerns when they spend most of their lives outdoors. These can include, but are not limited to, pest attacks, infections and diet-related conditions. Below is a list of a few conditions that often affect your sweet ovine and caprine pals.

  • Urinary Stones - Proper diet can help prevent urinary stones, a common ailment in goats and sheep. Together, Tripsy and Milk Thistle help strengthen the urinary tract holistically, and over time may prevent the development of crystals or stones.
  • Scours (aka Diarrhea) - A sudden change in diet, environment or possible infection can lead to diarrhea in goats and sheep. Plantaeris works quickly and gently to restore healthy bowel function.
  • Stomach worms - All animals are prone to worms. Stomach parasites can be prevented and expelled naturally with the help of NHV Inulin-PK.

Talk to a Pet Expert

When you notice any sudden changes in your pet sheep or pet goat for more than a few days, it can mean that something is wrong. Remember to never self-diagnose your four-legged friend and consult your vet about these changes so that any health problems can be caught and treated right away!

We are always here to help you! Get in touch with an NHV pet expert for a free 15 minute consultation to address any questions or concerns about your pet’s unique health needs.

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