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Support for More Special Meow-ments with Your Cat

Eye Infections

Eye Infections

Support for More Special Meow-ments with Your Cat


Add Gentle Supplements to Your Cat’s Eye Infection Treatment

Cats can get many of the same eye conditions that humans get, and they can range from being reasonably benign to quite severe. It is vital to consult your vet anytime your cat develops an abnormality of the eye.

NHV Natural Pet Products offer a wide range of natural remedies for eye infections in cats. Our ethically harvested herbal remedies are formulated by a master herbalist as well as a holistic veterinarian that have over 20 years of experience. NHV’s dietary supplements are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your pet and are safe for long-term use.


Eye Conditions in Cats

  • Conjunctivitis - This inflammatory condition also called “pink eye” is the most common eye issue in cats. If only one eye is affected, it may be caused by an allergen or an environmental irritant, dry eye or inflammation of the tear sac. If both eyes are involved, it could be a bacterial or viral infection.

At NHV, our natural remedies for cats with eye infections can help restore the eye to a healthy state and soothe uncomfortable itching.

 Causes of Conjunctivitis in Cats

      • Feline Herpesvirus 1 is a prevalent ailment in cats.
      • Environmental irritants such as airborne allergens
      • Infection due to bacteria or virus

 Symptoms of Conjunctivitis in Cats

  • Pink or red eye
  • Swelling of the eye
  • Excessive blinking
  • A mucous or clear and watery discharge
  • Dry Eye - This condition occurs when there is an inadequate amount of natural tears to keep the eye moisturized and functioning correctly.
  • Watery Eyes - This ailment will cause the fur around the eyes to become matted due to an overproduction of tears and could indicate feline allergies or an underlying medical condition.

Additional Support Tips

If you suspect your cat has an eye infection you should consult your vet right away. NHV’s safe and effective natural treatment for eye infections in cats will provide support along with a vet-recommended treatment plan. If a corneal ulcer (injury or scratch of the cornea) is suspected, do not use any topical products in the eye (such as Ey Eas) See your veterinarian immediately. 

At NHV, our very supportive professional team of pet experts are there to help and can recommend the appropriate supplement for your feline family member. You can schedule a consultation or call our free pet expert hotline at 877-937-4372. At NHV, find the supplements you need to support your pet naturally.


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