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Marnie's Dog Liver Disease Support

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“I will admit I was very skeptical of ordering this product since our 8 year old Sheltie named Marnie was diagnosed with liver issues and possible gall bladder surgery costing upwards of $3000, Marnie was not eating, her bowel movement were very runny in which we had to wash her constantly. The vet recommended a liquid therapy that was very costly and that's when I ordered your product. I am AMAZED! After 2 weeks of treatment as your bottles recommend, Marnie has turned the corner! She is eating well, her bowel movements are normal, and she is doing just great. I cannot thank you enough on this product and my wife and I will order more to keep Marnie in check. Your products have saved us tons of vet bills and possible gall bladder surgery! I am always a skeptic when it comes to products always advertised to cure your animal, but I can HONESTLY say your products work! Keep up the excellent work and products!” - Robert

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