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For Cats

Felimm for Cats

Natural herbal remedy that helps fight Feline Leukemia, FIV virus in cats and other viral infections in cats

Natural vet formulated herbal support that helps fight Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus  (FIV) in cats.  FeLV and FIV have a strong negative impact on your cat’s immune system and general wellbeing.  Left untreated FeLV can cause lymphoma and other cancers as well as other serious health issues.  It important to help your cat boost its immune system in order for the body to be able to defend against daily contact with environmental bacteria, fungi, virus and protozoa’s. 

  • Helps strengthen your cat’s weakened immune system
  • Increases your pet’s ability to fight infections
  • Encourages detoxification of the lymphatic system
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Improves energy levels
  • Helps combat upper respiratory tract infections

1 bottle = 3.4 oz (100 ml)

1 bottle = 100 day supply for a cat.

Buy 2 bottles, save $3!

Free Shipping When You Spend $50!

Bolster your cat’s immune system and support his or her fight against Feline Leukemia and the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus with Felimm, an all-natural herbal aid designed to help strengthen your cat’s weakened immune system. Symptoms associated with feline leukemia and FIV include poor appetite, enlarged lymph nodes, a persistent fever, diarrhea, constipation, and a weakened immune system.

Felimm feline leukemia support for cats

To be taken twice daily. Determine your pet’s weight and then use the easy chart below to determine the correct dose. This is the minimum dosage.


Pet's Weight Dosage

0 - 15 lb = 0.5 ml

16 - 30 lb = 1.0 ml

31 - 45 lb = 1.5 ml

46 - 60 lb = 2.0 ml

61 - 75 lb = 2.5 ml

Over 75 lb = 3.0 ml

For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop for every 2 lb of body weight.

How to Administer
Shake well before use. The easiest method is to use the dropper provided and place the drops into your pet’s food or favorite treat. You can also use the dropper and squirt directly into the pet’s mouth. Some pets can be finicky, if this occurs consider hiding the drops in foods most pet’s love such as fish, chicken or yogurt or a favourite treat. If your pet only eats dry food then soak a few kibbles at feeding time.

For Best Results
Herbal dietary supplements are beneficial to the health and well-being of your pet and are safe for long-term use. Every pet responds to natural herbal supplements differently, therefore it is important to be consistent and administer the product daily. Supplements generally take two to four weeks to take effect, however this will vary from one animal to the next.

Product Storage
All NHV Natural Pet Products are pure herbal extracts and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.

Cautions and Contraindications
Do not use Felimm in pregnant or nursing animals. Speak to your vet before using our products. A second visit is recommended if your pet’s condition does not improve, or deteriorates after continued use of the supplements.

All information provided by NHV Natural Pet Products is for educational purposes only.

St. John’s Wort – A potent antiviral that helps control viral infections and stimulates your cat’s immune system.

Turmeric – A powerful antioxidant that helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals. It strengthens liver function and contains strong antifungal properties.

Aloe Vera – Contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients important for cats with immune disorders.

Alfalfa – Contains high levels of chlorophyll, which works as an antioxidant in your cat's bloodstream. It also contains nutrients beneficial to cats with immune disorders.

Burdock – Helps cleanse the body of toxins and waste that accumulate during illness. It is also high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

Cat’s Claw – A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that supports your cat’s immune system and helps strengthen its defenses against viruses like leukemia.

Osha – A natural immune builder that helps pets fight infections including FeLV and FIV. Also has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Dandelion – A highly nutritious food that stimulates liver secretion, improves digestion and stimulates appetite. It also protects the kidneys and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Gotu Kola– An antioxidant-rich herb known to strengthen the immune system and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Usnea – An immune system stimulant with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help protect your cat’s weakened immune system from Canadida Albicans.

Goldenseal – An immune supporting herb with blood cleansing properties.

Myrrh – Helps control bacterial infections that cats with compromised immune systems are so vulnerable to.


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Average Rating

Julia - Brooklyn | March 17, 2019

Hendrix, FeLV positive cat who lives on the streets of brooklyn and now has a very loving home is doing great. Customer service was also excellently helpful. THANKS! *

Was this review helpful?

MaryAna - Los Angeles, CA | March 15, 2019

This product really helps to provide support for our cats that have Feline Leukemia and FIV. It has made a huge difference! *

Was this review helpful?

CAROLE_VALENZUELA - Pomona, Ca | March 11, 2019

I know it's not a cure but it's only been 4 days and a cat (Stanley) I took off the streets tested positive for Fiv & FeLv, and is in bad shape. Stanley has bad diarrhea and lethargic and super skinny. After 4 days his poop is almost normal. He had a solid poop today. He want's to be brushed and is eating more. He had bad URI and it seems to be lessening. I will update later to see the long term results of this, as I said it is not a cure but it has seemed to help Stanley be more comfortable. I give it to him straight in his mouth to be sure he gets it which he doesn't like but is a good sport about it. *

Was this review helpful?

Amy - Virginia Beach, VA | February 25, 2019

My 17 year old cat was diagnosed with the beginning of kidney failure. I ordered Tripsy right away, as the prescription food was not to her liking. After a few days, & doses she seems to be happier. Her appetite is back & she is eating up her food. She has emerged from her cat cave & wants to be around people again. ❤️ *

Was this review helpful?

Lara - Singapore | February 22, 2019

One of my cats has FIV, I have been giving him this supplements with his food for already 3 months and I just order more. He is full of energy and not having more health issues so far. My friend is using this products for a while and she had notice improvement in her cats. *

Was this review helpful?

Suffolk Glass & Aluminum - Suffolk, VA | December 28, 2018

Our cat was diagnosed with feline leukemia. We thought that we would have to put her down. She wasn't eating, walking unbalanced. Just a sad looking cat. We were heart broken. We didn't want to just give up on her. That's when we found this product. Now she is a new cat. Playful and energetic as ever. Thank you so much for giving us our cat back. *

Was this review helpful?

Crazy Cat Mom😘 - New Mexico | December 19, 2018

This stuff worked miracles for my FIV+ cat, Enoch. He's 13 years old and has the energy of a kitten since I started him on NHV. I've tried other supplements over the years, but this one is by far the most effective. *

Was this review helpful?

Little Herbie Johnson & Sarah - Kansas | December 5, 2018

I give this and some other NHV supplements to my Tuxedo baby, Little Herbie Johnson. Herbie is around 6-7 years old. He found me when he was a young cat. He suffers from called Plasma Cell Podoermatitis or pillow foot. It causes painful calluses, bruising and cracking on the pads of his feet. It would hurt him to walk & he was always holding up his paws. The vet told me he would be on steroids the rest of his life & they would shorten his life. All while the serious health issues caused by them would shorten his life. I refused to accept this. I'd seen several cats on Twitter talk about NHV products & decided to try them. We use 5 NHV supplements for him. We mix in an empty bottle. Herbie is extremely finicky so the food & treat option was out. He gets 2 droppers of the supplements a day. He doesn't put up a fight or fuss so there's likely no taste, just the slight annoyance of opening his mouth for the droppers. I just started using it with other NHV supplements for 2 of his siblings. I will say the combination of the 5 has made difference. He's acting like he was when he first found me. He's a bit spunky (he's always been chill) he'll play a little, zip around and now wants to be back on my lap every day. The symptoms of pillow foot are much better. The cracking/flaking is a lot better. The bruising is lessening. I know this part will take some time. Your staff is wonderful. I told a friend about you. She ended up ordering for some of her cats and dogs! NHV is a blessing. Thank you so much! *

Was this review helpful?

Sue | October 16, 2018

We rescued our handsome boy Billy from outside our vet's clinic. When he had a poor healing wound, we brought him to the vet and found out that he has FIV. Since then Billy has been on Felimm. We are so happy that we have found a natural supplement to help him boost his immune system. Thank you NHV 😻😻😻 *

Was this review helpful?

Dee14 - Miami, Fl USA | September 29, 2018

NHV products saved my kitty that was tested positive for felv. She suffered from URI and anemia. It was really low. . Felimm was a life saver. In just a week her hemoglobin had gone up significantly and ever since then her health has done a complete positive turn around. She is a completely different cat now. Vitamins along with a good diet were key. She is now thriving , full of energy with a shiny coat, good weight and overall a healthy happy cat. (I’ve also tried Es clear, Tripsy and Nature’s Immuno). I highly recommend Felimm if your pet has a compromised immune system. (Even if your pet doesn’t have an immune issue, the ingredients are still beneficial for your furry friend) *

Was this review helpful?

Alesia | September 4, 2018

I have a 10 year old indoor only kitty we took to the vet for a head cold that wouldn’t go away. Turns out she tested positive for FIV. The vet said there isn’t much he could do and he had no idea how much time we had left with her. Needless to say we were devastated. We went home and researched natural support products for FIV cats and came across NHV. We decided we had nothing to lose in trying their FELIMM product. One year later she is still with us. I am sure the FELIMM has helped her manage her disease and helped make her more comfortable and kept her here with us longer than without. We have now purchased the Resp-Aid product to help with her congestion and have good results so far. We know we won’t have her forever but really are grateful to be able to keep her as healthy and supported as we can in the hopes of keeping her around and feeling okay a little longer. *

Was this review helpful?

Bethanie | July 17, 2018

We were absolutely devastated when our 2-year-old cat was diagnosed with high grade lymphoma. We decided to go ahead and try chemo to see how he handled it. I researched what people were doing to support a cat going through chemo and came across an interview with a woman who had used your products with her cat who had lymphoma. She gave him a cocktail of Felimm, Tripsy, ES-Clear and Milk Thistle. We put our guy on this same cocktail, plus a couple of other things for digestion and appetite, and switched his diet to raw food. He gained back the weight he had lost while he was sick (about two pounds), and then even put on two more, which has impressed the vet. His appetite is great and his energy level is high. You would never know he is getting chemo. He is tolerating the treatments like a champ and we are gradually lengthening the time between them. We are at 14 months with another 10 months or so to go. We don't have a tumor or anything to monitor to prove what the NHV supplements are doing, but I believe they are adding valuable support to his system, making it possible for him to handle the chemo. Thank you, NHV! *

Was this review helpful?

Sandra | July 10, 2018

On May 3, 2018 our cat Pineapple aka Appi & Apps was diagnosed by our Holistic vet with stage 4 Intestinal Lymphoma. We took him in because within a week he had lost so much weight, we could see his spine. At that first appointment he had to have his lungs drained of fluid... his breathing was that of a person with COPD . We were sent home with [Pharmaceutical Removed], Turkey tail mushrooms and Fish oil. I just didn’t feel that it was “enough” for us to do for Apps ... so I got online and began researching Holistic treatments. I found many testimonials praising the ES Clear and Tripsy, so I ordered it ASAP On May 7 he had his first chemo treatment of [Pharmaceutical Removed], he was able to tolerate it like a Boss! And we received our box from NHV On May 10 he had his second chemo treatment of [Pharmaceutical Removed].. again he tolerated it amazingly! On May 15 he had his 3rd chemo of [Prescription medication]... On May 23 the vet informed us that the tumor was shrinking... and there was no fluid build up! His next chemo is in four weeks... he has been on this program for five weeks. He is eating like a horse, has been putting on weight, is active and loving again. We can’t thank NHV enough for helping to save our boy! And have happily referred another couple with a fur baby that has lymphoma to use this! *

Was this review helpful?

Tommy's mom - Texas | June 26, 2018

I ordered the Felimm for my boy that was diagnosed with Feline leukemia,I am so amazed at how well it works,i got it veryquickly and started him on it as soon as I received it.he had just started not wanting to eat and not being very bright eyed, he was lethargic also,i put it in his food and he just ate it all up, I was amazed because he is usuallu super sensitive to something in his food and usually just will not eat it at all, he ate it very easily and the next day was begging for more,he was already more alert and bright eyed by the second dayhe sleeps better,breathes better,all around so much better and it has onlt been 6 days. *

Was this review helpful?

Janice Powell - Monroe, La | May 21, 2018

I have been using this on my FeLV boy for several months. He was in bad shape when I got him! A large kitty that only weighed 8.5 lbs. We are working on his immune system and he is up to 11.3 lbs. His coat is beautiful again and he definitely feels better! Thanks to these folks who are trying to help! God loves His 4 legged creations and will bless those who care for them! *

Was this review helpful?

Barbara | February 13, 2018

Our beautiful cat Bell was diagnosed with a mass in her small intestine. Her blood work panel was normal in all aspects. Her only symptom was that she had lost significant amount of weight from 8 lbs to 5.3 lbs between May 2017 and Nov 2017. During that time she she ate normal amount of food ( Wellness dry maintence food about 1 cup and 1/8 can of their wet food . Her behavior stayed the same and poops and pees the same. So after several trips to the vet and ultrasound we were told it was a mass and that they believed it was either a lymphoma mass or a carcinoma mass. Outlook was not good. On the bright side she was able to eat, keep her food down and poop. Of course we were devastated with the news. Another beloved pet sick with what they believe is cancer.( death sentence) My friend Sandi ‘s cat had recently passed at a very young age of some form of aggressive cancer.. she is the one who gave me her remedies from Nhv she was unable to save her fur baby . Sandi believed that her cat had been diagnosed to late and the cancer to aggressive for the remedies to work. However she had researched NHV And believed that the remedies would work had she had the luxury of time. Sandi upon hearing about Bell offered to give me the her remedies in hopes of helping my cat Bell. I checked out the website chatted with NHV staff on line asking additional questions based on my cats condition as to what products they felt would be most beneficial. They were very helpful in their recommendations. My cat is maintaining her weight between 5/34-6lbs as it appears she is not losing more weight as of January 25 2018. Bell was only slightly above 5 lbs when originally seen at vet back in November 2017. I began by removing all dry food from my cats diet : feeding only the following : 2x per day approx total 1/2 can as my cat was never a big eater. Beef and chicken liver ground into a pate Distilled water, fine ground kelp. Omega 3 salmon oil, nu-feline grass powder, [other supplement] oil 6 drops. Nhv products 10 drops of turmeric 10 drops es-clear 10-drops bk-detox 12-drops Felimm 12-drops milk thistle 12-drops nature’s immune for cats *note with all Nhv products I followed the recommended amt of drops per pound for 2 months . I gradually increased the dosages up to what is shown above . ( based on no ill signs) Actual weight of my cat is 5 3/4 to 6 lbs. Also l make the liver pate separately and add all other ingredients to each serving. ( to keep it fresh). I am very pleased with the combination of remedies and we will be going back to the vet in May for another ultrasound to see if there were any changes in her blood work, see if tumor is the same size/or changed ( hopefully smaller) . We are staying optimistic and Bell has shown no sign of pain or discomfort during this entire time and is acting her normal self. *

Was this review helpful?

Stella - Vietnam | November 11, 2017

I have 20 cats and I always keep a bottle of this to take care of my babies! *

Was this review helpful?

classiclove1959 - Indiana | November 2, 2017

I have 14 cat that all have feline leukemia and I started to use felimm for 6 months and I cant believe how much better there doing ... please give it a chance you wont be discouraged ... *

Was this review helpful?

Darling | September 27, 2017

My cat was diagnosed with FIV. He started doing really bad with skin lesions and exhaustion, I've had him on this for 6 months and he's done very well along with a power shake that I make him from It's completely saved his life! *

Was this review helpful?

E. Orazem - Pennsylvania, USA | September 5, 2017

Using Felimm and BK-Detox have totally changed our two sickly kittens! They are finally gaining weight, and their fur is growing full and shiny after being thin and patchy for months. It's been an amazing transformation to watch. I just ordered a respiratory formula for another kitten--I'm very hopeful and excited to see the results. Furthermore, the customer service is excellent. They sent me the wrong product the first time that I ordered, and they remedied the situation quickly and easily. I absolutely recommend NHV! *

Was this review helpful?

Lisa - South Carolina | August 8, 2017

My cat Mosey has been on this for 6 months. He was diagnosed with FIV and was very sick. I thought I needed to put him asleep but couldn't. He was only 5 yrs young. I prayed and was led to look up this illness to learn more about it. That's when I discovered FeLimm and the reviews were great. He improved almost immediately. I give it to him 3 times a week. He's gained his weight back plus, He's active, eating well. My vet was shocked. She was amazed and said she would let her colleagues know about this. I'm thankful for FeLimm! *

Was this review helpful?

Emma - New York | July 24, 2017

I've really seen a great difference in my cat's fur and health after using FELIMM for four months. He is FIV positive, and was a shelter cat rescued from the streets, so his fur wasn't as healthy as it could be. After giving him FELIMM twice a day with his wet food, his fur is healthy, his sniffles have mostly cleared up, and he has an overall happy and healthy demeanor. I will definitely continue to use this product. *

Was this review helpful?

Lisa - South Carolina | March 8, 2017

My cat with diagnosis of FIV responded quickly to this and his condition improved almost overnight. I thought I was goning to lose him. He's gained weight, eating now, which he had stopped eating almost altogether and acting like his old self. Thank God I found this after much prayer. *

Was this review helpful?

Linette - Singapore | September 23, 2016

My cat started having bouts of vomiting in December 2015. The vomiting increased in frequency and in February 2016, she started throwing up blood. During these months, she was going to the vet regularly and taking medication. However, the vomiting got worse over time. In May 2016, she went for an endoscopy. The photos revealed her stomach walls were severely inflamed and bleeding. There was also a tumour blocking her stomach exit. Biopsy results confirmed she had large cell lymphoma (B-cell). Blood tests on that day showed she had FeLV and FIV. Shortly after that, I started giving her ES Clear and Felimm. At this point, she was not taking any medication. Her vomiting gradually happened less often and also had less blood. By July 2016, the vomiting had stopped. Another blood test revealed that she was no longer bleeding internally. Although there were no tests done to confirm whether the stomach tumour was still present, the fact that food was passing out from her stomach normally led us to believe the tumour had either shrunk or wasn't present anymore. Throughout all this time, the NHV staff were very helpful and gave useful advice when I contacted them. My sincerest thanks to them for making a product that helped my cat immensely. *

Was this review helpful?

Karen - Livonia, MI | August 8, 2016

Thank you!!! I have a 10 year old FIV positive cat that I tried the FELlMM on for the first time about 2 month ago. He is doing so much better now. We have a total of 8 adult cats that we rescued because they were unadoptable. All with different issues. We try to make their lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Can't wait to try the other products. Thank you. *

Was this review helpful?

A Chapman - New Mexico | August 27, 2015

I regularly use FELIMM for my FIV+ cat and he is doing amazingly well. I took him off the streets 18 months ago and began giving him FELIMM immediately and he has had no issues whatsoever. *

Was this review helpful?

S Bertrand - Montreal, QC | February 13, 2015

Hi folks at NHV! Bayou 2 1/2 year old male cat, has been plagued with chronic sinusitis since a kitten. Brave boy has learned to breathe partially through his mouth. It makes his breathing often very noisy: I call him Jacob on “bad days”, referring to the sound of a truck’s Jacob brake; you get the picture… He also has mysterious food allergies (he’s itchy), and regularly gets intense larynx spasms. Having studied in animal natural care, I’ve tried everything under the sun, (including homeopathy) at least to keep him off antibiotics or [**pharmaceutical name removed]. No miracle there. This was until I started to seriously implement your products in his daily routine: he’s been on ES Clear, Felimm and Resp-Aid (a system cleanser, immune booster and sinus help) for a little over 2 weeks now. On the second day, my husband was very worried that Bayou had not slept with us on the bed that night, because we barely heard him!! Today his nose is not as stuffed, his “headachy” days seem to be over. He’s not completely out of the woods yet (I had to start slowly with Resp-Aid, because his spasms were worse at first) and he has mucus coming out of his worst nostril, but frankly, other brands/plant combinations or medications would completely dry up and deeply jam his nostrils, and THAT was bad, which is not the case with NHV products. Also, he doesn’t have as severe episodes of scratching his tail and paws; His larynx spasms are sparse, and as a bonus,he’s not prone to as much anxiety. I’ve witnessed a couple of days where I heard him gently honk like a donkey over an object. To my surprise: OMG! would Bayou be recovering his sense of smell?! I know I will have to keep treating him for a while, or forever, and I’m not sure if he can completely recover from this condition, but I sure appreciate seeing him enjoying his cat life more! Thank you! *

Was this review helpful?

Eddie - Illinois | May 16, 2013

Eddie is our 8 year old cat was having different health upon a vet examination and lab test we were told that he had FIV. I spent sometime doing some research and found out that it would help to boost his immune system. I then found Felimm and Eddie has been on it for months. The bad breath and diarrhea are gone. He is much happier and more frisky and I known that product has helped him. Will continue to use it. *

Was this review helpful?

Patricia - Ohio | May 16, 2013

My old gal was diagnosed with feline leukemia. I was very upset and wanted to anything to help her as she is my best friend. I ordered this product and have to say how impressed I am with the result. She has more energy and look so much better. Thank you for a great product. *

Was this review helpful?

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