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Overview of Selkirk Rex

Some call the Selkirk Rex a cat in sheep's clothing because of their beautiful coiffed locks. They are one of the few cat breeds with a curly coat, and the only cat breed that is named after a person! These medium-large kitties (6-16 lbs) look like a cute plush stuffed animal that you want to pick up and hug! Selkirk Rexes come in both long and short hair coats. The shorthairs have a dense, plush curl like a teddy bear, while the longhairs have a more rugged look similar to that of a woolly sheep. Both hair lengths come in almost any color under the sun. Like a Cornish Rex, the Selkirk Rex's body is heavyset but with fine boning, and long legs.

Personality of Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rexes are loving, easygoing and patient kitties. The different breeds that make up these Rex kitties helped contribute to their personality: The British Shorthair adds their laid-back personality, the Persian adds a cuddly nature, while the Exotic Shorthair brings a mischievous nature to the breed. Not always a lap cat, your Selkirk Rex may prefer to cuddle up next to you instead. Because of their sociable nature, they get along with other people and animals but prefer not to be left alone for long periods. So if you're looking for a sweet cat friend who looks like a plush toy and will make you laugh with their silly antics, a Selkirk Rex may be for you!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Selkirk Rex Cats

Polycystic Kidney Disease in cats: Like their Persian ancestors, Selkirk Rexes may be prone to polycystic kidney disease - a disease where cysts form on their kidneys and if left untreated, may lead to organ failure.

Recommendations for PKD in Selkirk Rex Cats:

  • Kidney Failure Super Support Kit - A bundle of holistic supports that can help encourage healthy kidney function, regulate fluid levels and may prevent the formation of cysts and calculi.

Skin Infections in cats: Selkirk Rex cats may be prone to oily skin and require frequent bathing to help prevent fungal infections and skin irritation.

Recommendations for Skin Infections in Selkirk Rex Cats:

Hip Dysplasia in cats: is a hereditary condition in the Selkirk Rex that affects their hip formation. Because they have been outcrossed with Persians, British Shorthairs and Exotic Shorthairs for genetic diversity, these kitties may suffer from the same health issues as their parent breeds.

Recommendations for Hip Dysplasia in Selkirk Rex Cats:

  • Hip Dysplasia Kit - A bundle of natural remedies that help relieve joint discomfort, aid muscle and joint inflammation as well as encourage healthy energy levels.
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