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Rough Collie


Overview of Rough Collie

In 1940, British freelance writer and journalist, Eric Knight, launched one of the greatest pop-culture franchises of all time with his novel Lassie Come-Home - a story about a devoted Rough Collie. Thanks to Knight's writing, a series of spin-off movies and a long-running TV series cemented the Collie as the canine sidekick of every child's fantasy! Developed centuries ago in the hills of Scotland to be an all-around helper, herder, guard dog and devoted companion, the Rough Collie is a dog that has it all. Their sturdy, agile frame made them excel in the rugged terrain of Scotland, and their natural affinity with humans has made them ideal co-workers on and off the farm. The herding skills of these working pooches are so legendary that they have even been crossed into Australian Shepherds to improve the flocking prowess of that breed. Many believe that the Collie gets its name from the Scottish colloquialism 'coaly', which refers to sheep with coal-black faces and legs.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for


Is a condition that develops when a dog’s thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones and their metabolism is negatively affected.

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Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for

Coat Issues:

Like many longhaired breeds, Collies require daily grooming and care to remove parasites, improve circulation and encourage a healthy, shiny coat!

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Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for


Demodex is a microscopic mite that lives in the hair follicles of all dogs. Normally your dog’s immune system keeps the mites in check, but some breeds like Rough Collies may be prone to developing an overabundance of these mites. Some pets may outgrow the problem, while others require lifelong management. Mange is a fairly common Rough Collie health issue.

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Even though they have herding in their blood, Rough Collies can adapt well in small spaces as long as they get adequate daily exercise. With their beautiful flowing locks and extreme intelligence, Rough Collies are highly trainable. They excel at agility and other sports that require problem-solving and a close working relationship with humans. Their double coat was developed to protect their throats from run-ins with predators and shield them from the elements and cool them down in hot weather. But to get on top of tangles and debris, they require daily brushing, but be warned - Collies shed heavily, so keep your vacuum close by! They can be great family dogs as long as they are socialized early. If you want a highly trainable and devoted pup with beauty as well as brains, get a Rough Collie!

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