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Dental Disorders

Dental Disorders

Dental Disease in Dogs Natural Remedies

We know how important it is to keep our fur babies healthy and happy, and bad breath in our pups can sometimes be a sign of dental disease in dogs. But don't worry, NHV's got you covered! NHV's Pet Experts recommended our natural dental disorder supplements for your pup, including our Mouth Drops for Dogs, Yucca for Dogs, and Turmeric for Dogs. We also put together our Bad Breath and Dental Super Support Kit to help manage dental disease symptoms, help eliminate bad breath in dogs and promote overall dental health.

How NHV Remedies Support Dental Disease in Dogs

Dental disease in dogs can be tough on your little one; unfortunately, this is a prevalent issue in dogs. That's why providing natural proactive support can be very beneficial to your little one. These supplements can also be used alongside traditional medication as additional support for your little one with a dental disorder.

Our main dental and bad breath in dogs supplement is NHV Mouth Drops. This supplement can be used internally or topically to guard against tooth decay, bad breath, and plaque, help fight bacterial infections in the mouth, and may support gingivitis in dogs.

Other supplements like Turmeric are beneficial for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which may be especially helpful if your little one is suffering from swollen gums. The calcium contained in our Turmeric extract may also help support furkiddos' teeth.

Yucca can help improve pups’ appetite, which can be affected by toothache and other oral pain. Additionally, this herbal extract can aid with any discomfort your little one may experience from dental diseases.

If you notice stinky breath in your pup, it may indicate other more severe dental or health issues. To help solve these underlying problems from the root and help improve your little one's general health, you may consider our Bad Breath and Dental Super Support Kit. Pet experts bundled Mouth Drops, Stimmune and Multi Essentials in the package. They are packed with nutrients and work together to support the immune system and general dental health of your little one.

NHV supplements are all liquid-based. So it is extremely easy to administer to your furkid as it can be given directly in the mouth or mixed with their meals. A holistic veterinarian and master herbalist with a combined 50+ years of experience formulate all our supplements, which are safe and effective. Our supplements are manufactured at a GMP-certified facility where they undergo rigorous testing and are tested again by a third-party lab before being released. We take the well-being of your pet very seriously.

Get in touch with our Pet Experts today to determine the most suitable supplement or kit for your cute pup!

Additional Support Dental Disease in Dogs With NHV Support

More than 80 % of dogs above 3 years old suffer from dental disease and periodontal disease. This condition happens when the tissues around the teeth (periodontium) are swollen and infected. It starts with gingivitis and can eventually cause the tooth to fall out if left untreated. To prevent losing teeth, taking your furkid to a dental examination is crucial once you notice something is wrong.

Maintaining your little one's oral health is also crucial to avoiding dental diseases. One way to do this is to clean their teeth regularly. Besides going to the vet for dental cleaning, you can also help by brushing your pet's teeth at home.

Another way to support your furkid's dental health is to feed them the right food. For a diet beneficial to your little one's oral health, please reach out to our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Amanda, for a personalized nutrition plan!

Additional Support

Our products contain no artificial preservatives, additives, flavorings, or colors, and are made with non-GMO vegetable glycerin.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding dental disease in dogs, our supportive team of Pet Experts is always here to help you and your little one! Feel free to schedule a consultation with us.

Support your pup's dental disorder and get rid of that stinky breath with our natural supplements!

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