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Vet-Formulated Solutions

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"This is a Picture of our 165+ pound Lab/Chesapeake dog, his name is Walker, he has a 3 page allergy list and most of them are the items placed in dog food. He had a severe problem with his ears and with skin infections and hair loss. We were spending up $500.00 a week at the vets office... Keep reading >

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Natural Pet Products

The only choice for millions of pet owners who – like you – want only the very best for their pet. Natural pet remedies provide an effective all-natural alternative to conventional therapies that may contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. They are plant-based natural products formulated exclusively from herbs organically grown or wild crafted and prepared specifically for your pet. Here’s just a sampling of the reasons dedicated pet owners choose natural pet supplies from NHV.

Thousands of customers thrilled with our natural pet products
Read what just a few of our satisfied customers had to say about our all nature pet products and natural pet supplements.
“This product is a godsend. My 12-year-old cat has a heart murmur and recently had a stroke. Hearty Heart has helped him out tremendously and he is back to the way he was when he was a much younger cat. Jonny has gotten much more energetic, playful, and frisky since using this product. Moreover, he physically looks much more youthful and his coat has become silkier.“
Or this one: “My cat cannot be without this product. It has helped his breathing without the use of harsh drugs and chemicals.”

Natural pet care ingredients you can feel confident in
Every natural pet product and supplement we sell is clearly labelled with every ingredient it contains. Detailed information is also available online in our natural pet store. All of our natural products are formulated in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA certified facility. Every natural pet product we sell is also human grade, so feel free to try any one of them.

Natural pet supplements

Always available online at our all natural pet store NHV makes shopping for natural pet remedies easy. Browse our exclusive online natural pet care store and then place your order for shipment the very next business day. Order pet care products valued at $70 or more and pay no shipping charges. What could be better than that? Look in the product section of our online store where you'll find all of our natural remedies listed. Each one of these natural remedies is considered a functional food.

Natural pet products are the only natural choice
All of our products are herb based natural pet products that have been around for centuries. Unlike many conventional therapies, they are formulated without chemicals, additives, and anything derived from synthesizing plant-based properties. Many of our all-natural pet remedies are made from the very herbs animals seek out when feeling ill. You will find them all online at NHV’s all natural pet store.

Vet formulated natural pet remedies for dogs and cats

Every natural pet supplement we sell is vet formulated and vet approved to optimize your pet’s health. NHV natural pet remedies are formulated for cat, dogs, and other small domestic pets. At NHV Natural Pet Products, you'll find all of our natural remedies listed separately for cats and dogs. These vet formulated dietary pet remedies for cats and dogs can be used to restore vitality and improve overall wellness in your beloved pet.

All natural pet products made from organically grown and wild crafted herbs
The products you'll find at NHV’s online store are not products ready available at local pet food stores or your average grocery store. Chances are you won't find regular products made with herbs such as burdock, milk thistle, or gotu kola anywhere else; all part of our natural pet product line and formulated to be effective for your pet's metabolism. NHV is proud to offer products that are proprietary blends created with the finest quality of herbs; be it wild crafted or organically grown. All of the herbs we use are free of irradiation and contain no additives or preservatives.

Pet products so natural even Mother Nature would approve
We have taken what Mother Nature provides and created the best holistic food and dietary supplements for your pet. Our holistic vet and master herbalist have 40 years of combined experience and have collaborated to develop this line of incredible products available only from our all-natural online store. Together, our NHV natural pet product experts have used ancient wisdom, modern science, and state-of-the-art technology to provide your pets with the best possible natural supplements on the market today.
All of our natural pet remedies are specifically formulated to promote healing, enhance vitality, improve immune function, and improve the overall well being of your cat or dog. NHV products also help ease pain and suffering caused by injuries, illness, disease, and allergic reactions.

Natural pet care is our specialty

We’ve been manufacturing dietary supplements for more than 33 years and are considered experts in the field of natural pet health. NHV has been providing natural pet care products to the consumer since 1999 and over the years we have delivered the best possible natural pet care products to tens of thousands of cat and dogs. Many pet owners forget that chemical and synthetic products are relatively new arrivals on the shelves of markets and pet stores. Natural remedies, on the other hand, have been around for centuries and are time-proven solutions to common maladies facing your pet.

Natural pet products prepared exclusively for your pet
We pet lovers may treat our pets like members of the family but the truth is they are animals with unique needs and bodies very different from ours. We understand that and have formulated all our pet remedies specifically with your pet’s biology in mind. The medicines we use all the time to treat our own pain or illness can have devastating effects on our pets. Never assume a product that is safe for humans is safe for pets and remember to always talk to your veterinarian if you have questions.

All natural pet products designed to prevent illness and disease in select pets
Certain breeds are susceptible to illness and disease that can be prevented or mitigated through the administration of products available from our natural pet store. Conditions like heart disease, arthritis, problems with liver function, digestive issues, diabetes, cancer, thyroid disorders, allergies, and kidney and urinary tract disorders are just a few ailments that seem to be prevalent in pets today. By feeding your pet all natural pet products you can help prevent these illnesses and disease and ensure your pet has a happy, healthy life.

Natural pet care products that are environmentally safe
All of our natural pet remedies are herb based, organic compounds manufactured without chemicals that could pollute the environment your pet interacts with every day. We recycle everything! Even the herbs we use to create these natural products are composted for the agriculture industry.

Synthetic compounds can damage an animal's skin and fur
Natural flea and tick remedies do not contain synthetic compounds and instead are made with essential oils that benefit an animal's coat and skin while ridding them of fleas and ticks. Don’t take chances with the health of your dog or cat. Choose natural pet car products every time.

Thanks for shopping at NHV Natural Pet Products. We love offering your pets the best natural pet products available online!