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Healthy treats for dogs

Give Your Little Wolf a Taste of the Wild!

Hyperthyroidism Help For Cats

Natural Hyperthyroidism Relief For Cats

Free Shipping Over $50

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

Real Pet Stories of NHV Success

Real Pet Stories

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Holistic pet remedies for cats and dogs

Support your pet’s health, vitality and well-being with NHV Natural Pet Products line of herbal remedies. Formulated by a holistic vet and master herbalist, our supplements are 100% natural and vet approved. We have been helping pets feel better for over 2 decades.

Pet Cancer Natural Remedy
ES Clear for Pet Cancer

ES Clear for pet cancer helps promote improved quality of life for pets suffering with cancer, help detoxify the body, eases pain and boosts the immune system.

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NHV Tripsy
Tripsy for urinary tract & kidneys

Tripsy helps support healthy kidney and urinary function. It helps flush kidney stones, encourages urinary tract health, alleviates pain and helps prevent infection.

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Natural Remedy for hyperthyroidism in cats
Resthyro for Cat Hyperthyroidism

Resthyro helps support cats suffering with hyperthyroidism by supporting the thyroid gland and managing secondary symptoms of thyroid disease.

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Diabetes Super Support Gold
Diabetes Super Support Gold

For natural support of diabetes, NHV recommend Diabetes Super Support Gold to help manage blood sugar levels, aid the liver, and manage pain and energy in your cat or dog.

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Vet Talk: Pain Awareness in Pets

Natural Pain Relief for Cats or Dogs

Animals suffer pain just like we do. The signs they exhibit, however, can be much more subtle. Holistic veterinarian, Dr. Cook, helps pet parents decipher these signs and discusses treatment options to help your pet cope with pain.

One of the most important things to know as a pet owner is how to tell when your dog or cat is in pain. Pain can be a signal of a life threatening issue. Signs of pain (even the subtle signs) will be more obvious to you, if you have a good idea of what your pet’s “normal” is. This includes getting to know normal attitude, energy level, gait, appetite, thirst, sleep patterns, and other physical and behavioral patterns. If you feel that your pet may be in pain, please be cautious as both dogs and cats may exhibit more defensive and protective behavior due to the pain. Signs of pain in dogs and cats include...”

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Natural Remedies for Dog or Cat Pain

Old Timer, Turmeric and Yucca

NHV's Arthritis and Joint Pain Super Relief Kit helps pets feel better naturally by reducing inflammation, helping to relieve pain, and giving your cat or dog more energy.


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