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Holistic remedies for dogs

Holistic pet remedies for cats and dogs

Support your pet’s health, vitality and well-being with NHV Natural Pet Products line of herbal remedies. Formulated by a holistic vet and master herbalist, our supplements are 100% natural and vet approved. We have been helping pets feel better for over 2 decades.

Pet Cancer Fighter Pack - Natural Remedy
Cancer Fighter Pack For Pets

A bundle of remedies designed to help detoxify the body and promote an improved quality of life. Contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are recommeneded by vets for pets with cancer.

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Chronic Renal Failure Kit Cats Tripsy
Chronic Renal Failure Kit For Pets

Two powerful, yet gentle natural remedies that help pets suffering from CRF by providing support to the kidneys, bladder and the liver (to help flush and prevent toxic buildup).

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Yucca dog cat
Yucca Extract For Pet Pain

Yucca helps pets suffering from pain and inflammation. It is also a natural support for appetite and digestive disorders in dogs and cats.

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Inulin PK natural parasite and dewormer for cats dogs pets
Inulin-PK Natural Dewormer For Pets

A natural parasite remedy and holistic dewormer. Inulin PK also helps support gastrointestinal tract healing and damage caused by parasites.

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Happy Tales: A Holistic Approach To Diabetes Mellitus in Cats - Anandha The Tabby's Story

Natural Diabetes Relief for Cats or Dogs

When this little tabby cat was diagnosed with diabetes, his mom searched for natural remedies that would help support his condition. That's when she found NHV. Read Anandha's story on our latest Happy Tales blog.

*Anandha is a 10 yr old tabby male cat now (2017). My cat was in ER and stayed at the vet. hospital due to some health issues such as: vomiting, decreased appetite, increased drinking and urinating, dehydration, and obesity. The outcome of all tests and diagnosis was Diabetes Mellitus, elevated blood sugar, ketosis, chronic renal disease with left renal infarct, small cystic calculus in the year 2015 since then he started using prescribed medication and DM food. He had to use Lantus 100 units/ML vial 0.5 units twice daily, time passed till he reached 5.0 units twice daily to what his diabetes was not being controlled for a year. I was advised he might be insulin resistant he needed to go for a full range of tests to diagnosed him better for other possible health issues. I was... ...”

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Natural Remedies for Dog or Cat Diabetes
NHV Mellit For Cats

Natural Support For Cats with Diabetes

NHV Mellit, is a blend of herbs that naturally helps balance the body’s production of the insulin hormone and aids with pancreatic function.