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Frisco with Gastrointestinal issues

Frisco with Gastrointestinal issues

"My 17 year old cat has been suffering from chronic diarrhea for the last couple of years. He was eating well, but constantly hungry, and losing weight. We spent over $1000 on bloodwork looking for possible hyperthyroid issues, kidney problems, diabetes, etc. All lab results were normal. The next step recommended by a vet was to do exploratory surgery.

Not only is my cat an old cat in poor health, he is also very skinny and I was concerned that he would not make it through surgery. I began doing research on my own and modified his diet to a commercial raw food diet and also added probiotics and digestive enzymes for cats. This actually improved things for a short term. However, in the last 6 months, my cat´s health started declining rapidly. The vet wanted to run the same blood-work again and was still recommending exploratory surgery.

In desperation, I began researching other ways I might help my cat and also talking to other trusted cat owners. It was actually our pet sitter who told me about NHV natural pet products and how much they had helped her cat. I went online and researched some of the supplements offered by NHV, but found it difficult to determine which supplements might be the best to start with given my cat´s chronic history with diarrhea.

When I contacted NHV, they recommended some supplements and Dr. Amanda also offered to do a balanced nutritional plan for my cat. Initially, I was going to start with giving my cat Plantaeris with his meals to help with the diarrhea. However, after asking Dr. Amanda some questions and reading more about the nutritional plans I started to reconsider.

Dr. Amanda was concerned that the raw diet may not be the correct diet for my cat given his history of digestive problems. I hesitated to make the change, but then decided I didn’t have anything to lose. Frisco´s health was declining rapidly and the food and supplements that were helping him, were no longer working. He was in a critical place. So I decided to purchase the nutritional plan in addition to purchasing the Plantaeris supplement.

Dr. Amanda´s nutritional plan was sent by email and it is so thorough! Because of his chronic issues, Frisco´s plan was broken down into phases starting with just a few ingredients as this might help us to identify foods that might be causing his digestive problems. We are just finishing the first 3 week phase of this nutritional plan, so I can only comment on that portion. However, we are already seeing amazing results."



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