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No more UTI's for Blue with Tripsy

No more UTI's for Blue with Tripsy

“Hi it’s Bella’s mom, Kim, and I wanted to tell you about Bella’s dog-sister Blue, my 7 year old blue-nosed pit mix. She’s been taking Tripsy and Milk-Thistle since last July 2017. In June of 2017 she was diagnosed with acute kidney disease after THC poisoning. At first the emergency vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her until finally a drug test showed extremely high levels of THC in her blood.

I have no idea how much she ate or in what form, but we think she ingested the THC via some sort of hash/pot-brownie or other food she found on the trail while we were hiking near my house!! Out of my sight for 1 minute and…. 

Anyway, Blue was in the emergency hospital for 2 nights and it was really scary. While she was there, her blood work for her kidneys came back very abnormal (really high creatinine at 2.7). When she left the hospital her creatinine tested at 2.4 and then lowered to 2.2 a few months later. We’ve tested her creatinine a few other times and in December it went down to 1.8 but has since gone back up and leveled off at 2.1.

She’s a healthy, happy girl regardless but I want her to live as long as possible with this kidney issue. Blue, Bella and I are thankful for NHV.

Not one UTI for either since they started on it."

- Kim

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