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The Asian cat is a medium-size domestic cat breed that originated from the United Kingdom. It is also known as Malayan and typically weighs 8 - 13 pounds for a male and 6 - 12 pounds for a female. This cat breed has a short-length coat that will have minimal shedding and require weekly grooming like brushing their coat to keep it in good condition.

Common Health Conditions

  • Kidney disease in cat’s occurs when this vital organ begins to lose function. This can happen with age, due to trauma, infection or the accidental ingestion of toxins. Kidney disease can be fatal for cats, but early diagnosis and proper care can prolong the cat's life.
  • Lymphoma is a type of cancer in cats that affects the lymphatic system, specifically a when the cat’s “lymphocyte” white blood cells begin to function abnormally.
  • Ear infections can occur in any cat and are often a result of a separate underlying condition, such as ear mites, trauma to the ear, abnormal growths or allergies.
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